Garrow's Law

Season 1 Episode 2

Season One, Episode Two

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on BBC
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Season One, Episode Two

Having done so well on his Old Bailey debut William Garrow is now a recognised barrister. In this episode he defends the case of the infamous Monster - a man who stabs a number of young women in London

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    Joel Gillman

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • There really was the case of The Monster at the Old Bailey (1790), which had London in a fever. The man hid a knife in a bouquet of flowers and would stab women in the face or in the hips and buttocks. Ladies did not dare walk outdoors without copper pans over their petticoats for protection.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Sir Arthur Hill: If a bad law will becalm London, we must have it.

      • John Southouse: They wouldn't dare to make the Monster's crimes a mere misdemeanour. In London's current fever, that would cause an outrage. So in the cutting of clothes they have found a felony.
        William Garrow: How so?
        John Southouse: They've dug up an obscure and very perverse statue from 1721. I cut to the flesh; it's only pillory or prison. But, if I merely cut cloth, I will hang.
        William Garrow: Strange in fact...
        Southouse and Garrow: ... but true in Law!

      • Sir Arthur Hill: (describing The Monster) Renwick Williams, 23, native of Wales, no doubt, and an artificial flower maker. Hardly an occupation for a monster but at least he be not an Englishman

      • William Garrow: I find I like Renwick Williams a little more.
        John Southouse: It is not surprising.
        William Garrow: How so?
        John Southouse: He is wayward. Outspoken. Rude, belligerent and an enemy unto himself.
        William Garrow: Do you suggest...?
        John Southouse: The likeness is remarkable.

      • Agnes Williams: I bring these men here to save you Renwick. Please, give them the incentive to do it and please, son, do not deprive me of the incentive to wish it!
        Renwick Williams: Mother, it may be that you should not let me detain you.
        Agnes Williams: How can you speak to me so?
        Renwick Williams: Half my life you have watched me disappoint you and worn a brave face through it. Perhaps you should not trouble yourself so painfully anymore.
        Agnes Williams: But you did not do it! You are not the Monster!
        Renwick Williams: Alas, I am a very good fit.
        (distraught, Agnes leaves)
        Renwick Williams: You have a mother, Mr. Garrow?
        William Garrow: No.
        Renwick Williams: It is my good fortune and her hell.
        William Garrow: You are not sentenced yet.

      • William Garrow: (to Ann Porter) Blast your eyes, you damned b*tch!
        Judge Buller: Mr. Garrow!
        William Garrow: Beg your pardon, my Lord. I am merely quoting what comes from the magistrate's committal.

      • William Garrow: (to Lady Sarah) You did not... tremble as you made your way here?
        Lady Sarah Hill: Why would that be so?
        William Garrow: The monster, the sanguinary terror.
        Lady Sarah Hill: Ladies are now having copper petticoats fitted to protect them.
        William Garrow: You are not enthralled to this new fever?
        Lady Sarah Hill: No, I have not that fever. (long silence as they face each other)

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