Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Season 1 Episode 2

Hell Hath Fury

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 05, 2004 on Channel 4

Episode Recap

Garth begins by reading from another book though essentially it is the same as the first book but with maggots replacing blood. He then introduces the second episode of Darkplace. The show starts with the Channel 4 logo, title screen, Garth falling through space and the opening sequence.

Zooms into Darkplace and people are waiting around for chicken in the canteen. Liz is looking after someone on their first day. The chef is really aggravated. Liz's vision goes all weird and uses her psychic powers to aim a fork and spoon at him. The episode name and number comes up. Cuts to interview with Garth and Dean.

Rick comes out of the elevator and introduces himself. He says he has a call about the chef who was pretty beat up. He goes into Thornton's office where Liz and Sanchez are already there. Thornton says they are splitting up into teams to look for the mystery attacker. Sanchez and Rick leave, Liz remains silent and destroys a light when she reads Thornton's mind or speaking to himself.

All the staff are being lined up and questioned if they attacked the chef by the temp. Sanchez and Rick discuss him. Thornton gets a call reporting flying objects from across the hospital. Rick, Sanchez and the temp head down to the basement. They find a dead man in the basement but it appears to be a manikin, not that they notice.

The find some random things floating around in the basement. Rick realises that it is and phones Thornton telling him it is telekinesis. Liz is still silent and Thornton continues to insult Liz, the phone dies. Thornton works out that it is Liz. In the basement they are being chased by filing cabinets. Thornton is captured in his office, Jim is sent to find Rick.

A huge storm is over Darkplace. Sanchez faces off against an iron in the basement, he shoots it to the ground but it gun starts to go crazy on him. He shoots it with his second gun but his second gun starts to chase him when he throws it. Cuts to Garth in an interview followed by Dean who comments on being able to see the wires.

Sanchez gets hit by cutlery, while Jim gets a call from Jim telling him about Liz. Rick runs off in slow motion or he is just really unfit. The temp comes running after him and puts on a commando style head band. Goes to Dean saying there is a lot of slow motion as it was the only way to fill an episode.

Rick runs through a room filled with candles and is chased by his stapler. He finds Liz hovering in a corner and she attacks him with a fire extinguisher. The temp arrives and charges at her but is stabbed by tools. They continue for a while until he falls. Rick takes Liz out with the fire extinguisher and all the objects fall, the storm ends. Rick apologies to Clive the temp about busting his balls. Clive dies in Rick's arms.

Rick cries and all the candles go out. Next morning Liz apologises for what she did and thanks Sanchez for taking out the part of her brain which gave her telekinetic powers. Rick is still unhappy about Clive being dead but Thornton says they can get another one. Sanchez says he will take Rick out for a drink. They all share a joke, later Rick is on the roof talking with a voice over.

Cuts to Garth in an interview followed by going to the credits.
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