Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Season 1 Episode 2

Hell Hath Fury

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 05, 2004 on Channel 4

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  • liz goes psyco kinetic when she doesnt get chicken in the cafetera. Since these new powers are unstable the slightest thing sets her off. Can dag defeat this pimped out biatch

    When the darkplace chef get an unwanted untensil in his body
    dag starts to suspect somethings a miss.
    Later he discovers (as the viewers already know) that liz is responsible for the flying object epidemic.
    With her powers now completely out of control(much like her hair do) dag and sanchez much race against time to stop the mad cow before she takes someones eye out.
    Unfortunatley the temp?? is attacked by liz and is empaled by several objects and dies screaming (eventually).
    Sanchez is conered in the service tunnels by variuos kitchen appliances.
    "I think i can take them.
    Okay lets do this."
    I wont spoil the end for you
    as its pretty WTF .
    but its entirely in keeping with darkplace
    and its style

    another classic
    sanchez is truley my favourite character
  • The best episode of a great series

    If you only see one episode of Garth Marenghi\'s darkplace, make sure it is this one, so many classic lines and sets. You get to see all the main characters in their element from the dizzy blond liz, to the awful acting of dean lerner as thornton reed.
    The comedy is top notch, with the slow motion, inanimate objects attacking people, and random shotgun shots from thornton reed. In all the best ep from this top series. It was hard to put this top but it had to be done. You\'ll be a fool to miss it.

    Why are you still reading this, go and watch the show!!