Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Season 1 Episode 2

Hell Hath Fury

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 05, 2004 on Channel 4



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  • Quotes

    • Thornton Reed: (firing a shotgun at possessed kitchen equipment hovering outside his office window) Hurry up, Liz, I can't hold these plates off forever!

    • Dean Learner: If you go to a Punch and Judy show and just watch the wires you are a freak.

    • Rick Dagless: Keep close. These tunnels are really long and curvy.

    • Lucien Sanchez: What do you think? Android?
      Rick Dagless: Would make sense, I've not seen him eat or drink anything since he arrived.

    • Dagless: Morning all! Cheer up Liz, how's Chef?
      Sanchez: How do you think? The guy's got a fork through his curdle. He's gonna make it, just, but the chicken's off!
      (They all burst into laughter)
      Reed: That's a shame! I was looking forward to the chicken.

    • Garth: There are rebels, and there are innovators. I'm a rebel. I play a rebel brain expert who's in rebelliance against conventional logic, who's in rebelliance against the world order. The show is about - rebelliance. And if that's not being an innovator, I dunno what is.

    • Garth: But they were scared of my script's radical predictions. I portended that by the year 2040, the world would see its first female mechanic. And who knows? She might even do a decent job. In any case, I wish her the very best.

    • Liz: As long as it's not a screwdriver!
      (all laugh)
      Reed: Yes...I'd prefer a beer!

    • Rick (voiceover): We'd seen a new side to Liz... I had to change. Tomorrow I would tell her she'd lost weight, or that her hair looked nice. Whichever seemed more plausible.

    • Reed stands by the window, preparing to shoot down some dinner plates which are hovering menacingly outside...
      Reed: We can't hold these plates off much longer, Liz. Why don't you help, instead of just standing there, dreaming about lipstick?

    • Rick (voiceover): As I rounded the corner I felt muscular and compact. Like corned beef.

  • Notes

    • This is the episode that Liz gets her psychic powers which she uses later in "Skipper the Eye Child" and "Scotch Mist." We also learn that Garth Marenghi and Todd Rivers don't get on very well, based on the quote at the beinging of this episode where Garth describes Reed as "the only member of the cast who didn't die or offend me."

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