Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Season 1 Episode 5

Scotch Mist

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 26, 2004 on Channel 4

Episode Recap

Garth begins reading from a book then says there is always a message behind his writing. He then introduces this episode as horrific and the Channel 4 logo comes on followed by the title screen, Garth falling through space and the main title sequence.

The camera pans across the place and outside hardly anything can be seen. The place seems very quite. Rick is playing the saxophone. A patient and a nurse are getting it on and they decide to finish it outside. However they are advanced upon by something and there is a lot of screaming. Cuts to a shot of the building clouded in mist, the episode name and number are announced.

Interview with Garth and Dean about the script and how it was ambitious for the budget. Dean says they filmed it in his garage. Rick is driving and introduces himself; he says it is too misty. He has been called out to the grounds of Darkplace. Outside Sanchez, Liz and Rick take a look at what has happened. Liz notices the victim's faces are patterned. Rick finds porridge on the scene. He says he knows what it is.

In Thornton's office, he explains to everyone it is Scotch Mist. Liz looks it up on the computer despite her fingers never touching the keys. Rick says that the mist is here to kill the queen. Thornton tells Rick to deal with it. Rick and Sanchez share a joke when Thornton gets a call asking if he is a massage parlour.

Liz has a vision of Jim looking at the Scottish warriors and Liz says Jim is out there. Cuts to Dean in an interview saying the mist turned out poisonous and killed two members of the crew. Rick, Liz and Sanchez head out with bright head bands and fans. They find Jim alive but struck by the mist. Rick sees the Scottish warriors and they run into an outhouse. Cuts to Garth saying he isn't prejustice, then Todd saying he didn't think it was prejustice.

Rick tells them about the time he was in Scotland. He was stranded in Glasgow during a budget flight. He explains about the horrors that he saw. The mist finally begins to retreat and they decide to go back to the hospital while he covered them. He knew the mist would be after him and as he rang he was attacked by a bagpipe.

Garth and Dean talk about the writing. Liz and Sanchez get in a few product placement ads for brand name batteries. Thornton continues to get calls about him running a massage parlour. Rick arrives at the door with bright blonde hair. He tells Thornton to slow the message down 26% and when he does it is Scottish talk.

Rick tells them they are after him as he went into a chip shop in Glasgow and ordered a cheese burger but it was crap she he refused to pay and insulted them. Sanchez gives him a flip knife and Liz gives him a knuckle duster. Thornton gives him a bag and says it might come in handy. He heads out into the mist and confronts the Scottish warriors. They stare at each other for a while.

Rick offers them the bag as an offering and places it in the ground. He tells them it is shortbread. They accept it and all have a piece. Rick apologises about what happened. The Scottish warriors speak to him, it is subtitled. He offers his life to them and they offer him their bagpipes. They fade away.

Later Thornton gets another annoying call. Rick is wearing a kilt. He leaves and Sanchez and Liz discuss what brought the Scotch Mist in the corridor. On the roof, Rick plays the bagpipes while looking over the crimson sky. Fades to interview with Garth and Dean about Scotland.