Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Season 1 Episode 5

Scotch Mist

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 26, 2004 on Channel 4



  • Trivia

    • Garth said that when he was in Scotland he had to spend the night in Glasgow after the plane landed in Glasgow/Prestwick. But Glasgow/Prestwick is located in Prestwick which is nearly 30 miles from Glasgow so how would he have gotten to Glasgow?

  • Quotes

    • Garth Marenghi: As a writer I make my own rules up. If I want to start a sentence with a full stop I will.

    • Lucien Sanchez: My aunt lives in Scotland. She says it's quite nice.
      Rick Dagless: Well she's wrong.

    • Dean Learner: Now I don't like to see anyone die but if someone has to die it might as well be a techie.

    • Garth Marenghi: My books always say something even it it's something simple like don't genetically engineer crabs to be as big as man.

    • Dr. Rick Dagless: rosy-fingered dawn cupped Romford in its hands and thumbed open the new days crack.

    • Garth Marenghi: Nina's eyes popped out of what was left of her back. Why oh why had she opened that tomb? The sand turned red... this was because she was bleeding on it. Blood, ruby-red blood, her blood, blood... and piss and shit. This was the worst day of her life.

    • Dean Learner: He had a very ambitious script, and I said 'Garth, this is a very ambitious script for the money we've got. Seeing as we've got no money, it's extremely ambitious.'


      Garth Marenghi: Well the thing about Darkplace is that it was a real turning point for me as a writer, because up until that point I'd been writing balls to the wall horror. For this I wanted them to kind of go "ooo". And I think that's one of the great strengths of the programme, is that it managed to bridge that gap between "Ahh" and "ooo".


      Liz: AHHHHHH!

      Rick punches Liz in the face

      Liz: Thanks, Rick, I was hysterical.


      Dean Learner: We found out that the mist was poisonous when two techies died, yes. Now, I don't like to see anyone die. But, if someone has to die, it might as well be a techie.


      Rick: MOVE YOUR ARSE, LIZ!


      Liz & Sanchez: RICK!

      Reed: Rick

      Liz: What happened?

      Rick: Shit happens, sweetheat!"


      Sanchez: You like Scotch food, Liz. I know a little place we can go.

      Liz: I know a little place you can go. It's called, to blazes.


      Sanchez: I wonder what brought them here, Liz? Was it Rick? Was it this hospital? Or was it both?

      Liz: Or all three?


      Dean Learner: I once tried to open a string of gentlemen's clubs, erm, near Fife, north of the border. But, err they're just not ready. Glasgow's been industrial for a while, but in many ways it's still a Third World country up there; but they'd be the first to accept that.

    • Dean Learner: We found out the mist was poisonous when two techies died yes.

    • Sanchez: The batteries in these fans are spent. I think they were warped.
      Liz: Well that's what you get when you buy cheap batteries.
      Sanchez: Tell me about it. You try to make a saving but economically it makes more sense to buy from a reputable high-street retailer.
      Liz: And not from some street corner fly-by-night with a suitcase.
      Sanchez: Exactly. Who knows, they may even be stolen.
      Liz: The initial price of a name battery is so much higher.
      Sanchez: I'm afraid they'll always be dearer, Liz, but you're paying for reliability.
      Liz: We probably ought to check in with Reed. Maybe he has a supply of name batteries like Duracell or EverReady.

    • Ansaphone voice: Och... kill... Dagless... mon.
      Liz: What does it mean?
      Sanchez: I know "mon" means "man", but I don't think "och" means anything.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Fog:

      This is reminiscent of John Carpenter's, "The Fog". In "The Fog", ancient sea goers come, and exist, in a mysterious fog, in which they kill people. In this episode, "Scotch Mist", evil Scottish bagpipers appear in the Scotch Mist to kill people.