Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Season 1 Episode 5

Scotch Mist

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 26, 2004 on Channel 4



  • Quotes

    • Dean Learner: He had a very ambitious script, and I said 'Garth, this is a very ambitious script for the money we've got. Seeing as we've got no money, it's extremely ambitious.'


      Garth Marenghi: Well the thing about Darkplace is that it was a real turning point for me as a writer, because up until that point I'd been writing balls to the wall horror. For this I wanted them to kind of go "ooo". And I think that's one of the great strengths of the programme, is that it managed to bridge that gap between "Ahh" and "ooo".


      Liz: AHHHHHH!

      Rick punches Liz in the face

      Liz: Thanks, Rick, I was hysterical.


      Dean Learner: We found out that the mist was poisonous when two techies died, yes. Now, I don't like to see anyone die. But, if someone has to die, it might as well be a techie.


      Rick: MOVE YOUR ARSE, LIZ!


      Liz & Sanchez: RICK!

      Reed: Rick

      Liz: What happened?

      Rick: Shit happens, sweetheat!"


      Sanchez: You like Scotch food, Liz. I know a little place we can go.

      Liz: I know a little place you can go. It's called, to blazes.


      Sanchez: I wonder what brought them here, Liz? Was it Rick? Was it this hospital? Or was it both?

      Liz: Or all three?


      Dean Learner: I once tried to open a string of gentlemen's clubs, erm, near Fife, north of the border. But, err they're just not ready. Glasgow's been industrial for a while, but in many ways it's still a Third World country up there; but they'd be the first to accept that.