Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Season 1 Episode 3

Skipper the Eye Child

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 12, 2004 on Channel 4

Episode Recap

Garth reads from one of his books. Tomb boy. He then introduces himself and Darkplace. He says that this episode is based on a true story. He tells a story about how he thought he was a freak and about his twin kids. He says he has a desire to have a son and that is also what his episode is about.

Old Channel 4 logo, title screen, Garth falling through space, main opening sequence – you know the drill. Opens with Rick having memories of him, his wife and his son – a half human half grasshopper. Rick is called to a ward but someone, they find the door locked. Rick kicks it in and finds a giant eye raping a man. Rick shoots and kills it, and tells the man not to say a word.

The man who was raped then gives birth – to a giant eye. Rick picks him up in his arms, his (the eyes') crying echoes around the hospital. Cuts to Rick talking about the sex scene and Dean says he is not happy about them having to blur out the erection. Rick wraps the giant eye in a blanket and puts him in a car.

He is driving and introduces himself and explains how the giant eye came to be. Rick wonders about how the giant eye made a man pregnant but stresses straight up in the dialog that we will never know. Rick says he should have given the eye child up but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

Thornton calls everyone in for a meeting. Thornton shows a picture of the dead giant eye and that they need to find the giant eyes child. Thornton asks Rick where he was last night but Rick says nowhere. Thornton gives him 24 hours and Rick storms off. He decides to take the giant eye to the staff room. Despite the fact the eye is in plain view, nobody sees it. Rick makes it and puts the eye in his locker.

Liz comes into the staffroom and Rick decides to take his mind off the eye child to stop Liz finding out with her psychic powers by reading a horror novel entitled "Garth Marenghi – Slicer." He compliments the book and the genre. Liz comes in and starts talking but Rick continues to read. Liz sees a photo of his son, Rick tells her that his son is dead. Liz leaves but Rick thinks about the eye child too early and Liz reads his mind.

Cuts to an interview with Garth who says he has 4 daughters but no son. Liz talks to Sanchez about the eye child. Sanchez suggests that it is because it is the anniversary of Rick's child getting killed. They agree to tell Thornton that Rick has the eye child.

Rick is on the roof with the eye child and says he will call him skipper. He talks to skipper about his son. Rike decides to put skipper to sleep and bursts into a song and his son starts singing in a little bubble on the top left of the screen. Rick has more memories. A helicopter and Thornton arrives with the staff to take skipper from him. They try to talk Rick into handing over skipper.

Rick agrees to band him over but he has a vision about skipper being dissected and he punches Liz and the other doctors and goes running through the hospital with a stick. Some slow motion is used for the fight scenes. The group catch Rick in a lab room and finally manage to pin Rick down. Thornton agrees to let Rick hold him on more time but skipper bites Rick's finger and Rick beats him against a table into a bloody pump to get him off. Rick realises what he has done, his scream is heard throughout the hospital.

Later Rick's vision fades from a blur to normal. Thornton tries to comfort him. Cuts to an interview with Dean saying the people who said he couldn't act were mean. Cuts to Todd Rivers saying that Dean couldn't act. Sanchez, Thornton and Liz talk about it and Sanchez and Liz go to see Rick. He is on the roof looking out over the crimson sky.

Rick is left on the roof, a voice over comes on and it fades to memories of his son. He reveals that his son's death involved a hop and the blades of a helicopter. Rick sheds a tear on the roof and it fades to interviews with Garth and Dean followed by credits.
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