Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Season 1 Episode 3

Skipper the Eye Child

Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Feb 12, 2004 on Channel 4



  • Quotes

    • Rick: He has born half boy, half grasshopper. He never had a chance.

      Rick: He was different too, and when you're different, people fear you. Just look at Michael Jackson - or The Krankies, although I think they're quite shrewd.

      Sanchez: She's a good girl. You're too hard on her, Dag.
      Rick: I know. I just don't find her physically attractive.

      Rick picks up a Garth Marenghi paperback and starts reading.
      Rick: "Romford is the cruelest of cities." Good start. "Beneath its skyline's tattered shards lay a million broken dreams." This is good. I've misjudged the genre like so many.

      Rick: Nothing could take the place of my son. Not even a pet, though I would like a Jack Russell - they're very clever dogs.