Gary and Mike

Season 1 Episode 1

Dawn of the New Millennium

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2001 on UPN

Episode Recap

Gary Newton is saying his last goodbyes to his patients at the nursing home before he goes to follow the Louis and Clark trail.

He tells the patients that Clark will take over and that hes not that bad, even though he is grungy. Clark walks in and surprises Gary with a band that sends the patients into shock because they are so loud.

Meanwhile Mike is in bed with a girl. When he calls her by the wrong name, she doesn't care. In the morning the girl's mom walks in to find them. She screams to the girls father to hurry there.

Gary's father has just givin him the speech about the importance of his trip, and how he would be dead if anything happened to the SUV. He slowly pulls out of the driveway.

Mike jumps out the window and out into the front yard as the girls father gets a baseball bat.

The girl calls her soon to be husband to tell him the wedding is off. Her father is angry, because it is the police chief's son. That was the only way he was going to be able to move from a trooper to a desk job.

Gary is surprised when Mike jumps in the car. He sees the girl's father in the rear-view mirror, and speeds away. When Gary tells him about the trip, Mike decides he's goin to.

Mike asks his parents, but they are drunk and asleep so he takes it as a yes.

Gary is dreaming about Louis and Clark telling him that Mike picked up a hitchiker while he was sleeping. When Gary wakes up, he sees a smelly hitchiker next to him. But Mike claims the hitchiker is harmless. Gary agrees when he hears the man's knowledge of the trail. He says he can lead them to a certain spot, so they say o.k., but when the get there, the hitchiker robs them of their clothes, money and he takes the car.

Elsewhere, the girls father suits up on his motorcycle to look for Mike.

So the guys sleep overnight in the woods. They kill and eat a rabbit for food. In the morning they realize they are just in a big backyard. They also find out the rabbit they ate was a little girl's pet rabbit.

The little girl's mom calls the cops and they are arerested. They tell the cops about the hitchiker. When their story checks out, they are released to a mob of reporters, but they are picked up by devil worshipers who heard about their story.

They fall out of the devil worshipers' truck next to an impound lot where they find the totalled SUV.

They buy a junker for $200. They spend their other $50 to buy a new rabbit for the little girl. But as they drive away, the bunny runs under their car and is smushed. So it ends by them driving, headed for nowhere imparticular.