Gary the Rat

Spike TV (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • A Good Execution
      Episode 13
      Johnny Bugz botches another murder attempt on Gary, killing innocent people instead. Oblivious to the fact that he was the target, Gary reluctantly agrees to take Johnny's case pro bono {no charge} and defend him on the murder charges.
    • 12/2/03
      Future Ex-Wife:

      When Harrison's wife decides to leave him, Gary agrees to represent her in court, much to his boss' chagrin.

      The Hamptons:

      Gary goes to the Hamptons for the weekend. He is refused service everywhere he goes. He is about to kill himself when he is approached by a lady who cheers him up. Johnny Bugz ends up accidentally killing her.moreless
    • Divorce
      Episode 12
      When Harrison's wife decides to leave him, Gary agrees to represent her in court, much to his boss' chagrin.
    • 11/25/03
      Gary's long-lost cousin Jerry Andrews pays him a visit and turns out to be the ultimate con artist.  Gary must deal with the wake of Jerry's crimes, including two bumbling FBI agents hot on his trail.
    • Catch Me If You Can / King of Rats
      Catch Me If You Can - Gary gets into trouble when his long-lost cousin returns and turns out to be a con artist. Lost Episode 'King of Rats' -Johnny Bugz tries to kill Gary by pushing him off a subway platform. Gary escapes into the sewer only to meet 3 rats who worship him as their savior.moreless
    • This Is Not a Pipe
      Episode 10
      Gary is hired by a lawyer, who has leprosy, who was fired from his job.
    • 9/28/03
      Gary decides to run against Truman Pinksale in the presidential election for their building association. Gary pulls out all the stops - bribery, sexual favors, digging up dirt on his opponent, etc. Gary wins the election, and when Pinksale then tries to have Gary impeached and evicted, the other tenants refuse to oust Gary. Gary bribed everyone in the building into siding with him by promising to move their name to the top of the waiting list for a corner penthouse. We see Pinksale performing garbage duty in the last scene as Gary pours trash down the chute.moreless
    • Old Flame
      Episode 8
      An ex-girlfriend of Gary's attempts to seduce him, in order to win a case.
    • The Reunion
      Episode 7
      Gary is forced to attend his high school reunion and must deal with seeing his arch rival again.
    • 7/31/03
      Mr. Harrison coerces Gary to represent Anthony "the Heel" Stilletto, the head of one of the major NY crime families. Mr. Stilletto later forces Gary to marry Angel, the hideously ugly daughter of his godfather, but luckily for Gary a statue kills Angel during the ceremony.
    • 7/24/03
      Gary is fired when Terry McMillian, a con artist, joins the firm.
    • Manrattan
      Episode 4
      Gary is ordered by his boss, Mr. Harrison, to find out why he's turned into a giant rat. Gary visits a few medical experts in an effort to get an answer.
    • 7/10/03
      Gary is forced to mentor Mr. Harrison's son, Scott, a tattooed and pierced slacker who works in the company mailroom. Scott decides to holdup a bank in order to get his father's approval over being gay and drags Gary along with him.
    • Spring of Love
      Episode 2
      Gary is ordered to find a date for the Spring Ball. After a few non-successful attempts, Gary enlists the aid of a dating service. The service has better luck at finding Mr. Andrews a date.
    • 6/26/03
      Gary defends a tobacco company against the State of New York. Gary wins by using the argument that the tobacco company should not be persecuted just because it is different.