Gary the Rat

Spike TV (ended 2003)


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  • Way Cool

    A sleazy wall street lawyer, wakes one day and finds himself transformed into a giant rat. What's wrong with that. This was a very funny show even if it was being carried by Kelsey Grammer. I think a second seasons could have only helped this show. But like most animated shows it died in the first season.

    I'd like to know what Spike TV was thinking when they scrapped all of their animated fair. Gary the Rat and Stripperella were both great shows, and they had another show in development, Howard Stern the Teenage Years. All were abruptly abandoned. Personally I'd like to see more cartoons for f**king adults.
  • It was quite original and very humorous

    I really loved this show; the very concept of a snobby sleaze bag lawyer becoming a giant rat is great!

    With more teen/adult oriented cartoons coming out I would have thought this would be up there with “Space Ghost Cost to Cost” “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law” and maybe even “Family Guy” . . . ok, so that’s stretching it.

    Nevertheless, the humor was good, the violence was comical and the over all plot was so goofy you couldn’t help but love it!

    I do believe this show was badly advertised and could have done much better if on Adult Swim.

    If it had lasted more then 13 episodes I believe it would have been an entertaining show even today.