Gary the Rat

Season 1 Episode 10

This Is Not a Pipe

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2003 on Spike TV



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  • Quotes

    • (phone rings)
      Gary: Ah, there she is, right on time. Hi mom, I was actually starting to get...I'm sorry, there's no Adolf Oliver Nipple here. I.P. Freely? Oh... Damn Juveniles!...Mommy...

    • Walter: Frank, it's come to my attention that you have leprosy.
      Frank: That's a lie. (accidentally flings his nose into Walter's glass of water)
      Walter: Leprosy is an infectious bacterial disease, man. That's not the type of lifestyle we can support here...

  • Notes

    • Johnny Bugs tries to get rid of Gary by tricking Rat Boy into getting in a box to save his mother. Bugz then drops a 2 ton weight on the box. Turns out that Gary's mother has tunneled out allowing Gary to escape also.

    • Gary's Dream: We see skin with hairs, this becomes molecules, atoms, split atoms, and finally DNA. C-235 is written on a DNA string. The sequence reverses itself. Gary wakes up saying "I think I just cured cancer, I'll write it down in the morning".

    • Gary's mom has a voice and eyes now, but still no face, will we ever know what it looks like?

    • Gary apparently has the ability to communicate with cats("Boots"), once again maybe usefull in future commercials

  • Allusions

    • Philadelphia
      This episode is an over-all parody of the Tom Hanks movie, Philadelphia. In the movie, an attorney with aids is fired for being gay