Gary Unmarried

Season 1 Episode 8

Gary and Allison Brooks

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 19, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Gary and Allison pretend that they are still married when attending their friend's vow renewal ceremony, after much begging from Allison. However, Gary has a hard time following through once he gets there after he is tempted by a beautiful new divorcee.

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  • Gary and Allison have to pretend to be married.

    Just an incredible episode of Gary Unmarried fresh off the news of its pickup. Glad to CBS has faith in the freshman show as this has the potential to be the next King of Queens or Everybody Loves Raymond for them (in quality, not in ratings). Too many great lines from Stuart saying, "We're not divorced but things are looking pretty bad about now," to Gary changing everything Allison said into romantic vows to the gay husband just a plethora of laughs on Gary Unmarried. This show is usually one of the top comedies on CBS but this episode actually scored better for me than The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men this week. This speaks miles about the progress this show is made and just how underrated it truly is. Gary Unmarried should not be flying under anyone's radar anymore with a half hour like this.moreless
  • Great show.

    In my opinion this is the best new comedy on TV right now by far. Gary and Allison pretend to still be married when they go to meet old friends that are renewing their vows. Allison does not want her old friend to know they are divorced because the friend said they would never make it. Gary and Allison come clean at the vow renewals about being divorced only to find out some of their other friends were also divorced but were trying to cover it up. The kicker is Allison's friends husband reveals he is gay This show just makes me laugh from start to finish every time I watch. It is well written and well acted. They seem to mesh well together on screen.moreless
  • The show had lots of funny lines and situations when Gary and Allison pretend they are still married.

    Gary and Allison go to a friend's wedding vows renewal ceremony and pretend they are still married because Allison can't bear for her friend Beth to know that their marrieage failed and that they are now divorced.

    Most of the previous episodes in this series I have found rather forced and unfunny but this week's show was a vast improvement. The script was the best yet and I laughed out loud for the first time at this show.

    I hope this is all a good a sign for things to come and that Gary Unmarried will become the clasic comedy it deserves to be.moreless

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    • Allison: Good luck having your party here. I hope your guests enjoy their hot pockets and frosted flakes.

    • Allison: You have to with me up to Big Bear this weekend; Beth and Jim are renewing their wedding vows.
      Gary: Oh, no I don't. Cause you got Beth and Jim in the divorce and I got the corn holders.
      Allison: You mean Donna and P.J.?
      Gary: No, not the Kornholters. The actual corn holders.

    • Gary: What party!? The Annual Gary's House Painting Party, remember?
      Allison: God, I'm so glad I don't have to have that party at my house this year.
      Gary: Can I have that party at your house this year?
      Allison: What? No!

    • Gary: Listen, alright, now that we have agreed to start seeing other people- are you seeing other people?
      Vanessa: Do you really wanna know that?
      Gary: Yeah, I wanna know that.
      Vanessa: Yes.
      Gary: I don't wanna know that.

    • Beth: Gary, I thought you were -
      Gary: Getting snacks for Allison. I was.
      Beth: You're covered in leaves.
      Gary: Yeah. Wicked leaf fight with the Best Western across the street. We kicked their ass.

    • Allison: What did you do? Jump out her window?
      Gary: I had to jump out her window. I almost got caught red-handed doing nothing wrong by my pretend wife.

    • Beth: Look at him, staring into her eyes and hanging on every little word she says.
      Allison: That's my Gary. He's a great listener.
      Beth: Looks like he'd like to listen her brains out.

    • Allison: Come on Gary. You know my relationship with Beth. I can't have her gloat all weekend about how she's still married and I'm not.
      Gary: OK, hi. She is still married and you're not.

    • Vanessa: Thank you for finding my cell phone. I've been looking everywhere for it.
      Gary: Yeah, I called you to tell you but you didn't pick up.

    • Allison: Remember we're madly in love, and we're totally into each other and we can't keep our hands off each other.
      Gary: I thought we were supposed to act like we're married?

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