Gary Unmarried

Season 1 Episode 7

Gary and Allison's Restaurant

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 12, 2008 on CBS
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Gary takes Vanessa out on a real date to a special restaurant after she complains that Allison is a constant presence in their lives. He finds out that it is the same one he and Allison used to go to on a regular basis and when Allison turns up he needs to keep her away from Vanessa.moreless

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  • Gary takes Vanessa to a restaurant he and Allison used to frequent.

    Wow, this was a very good episode of Gary Unmarried. Top-notch comedy all the way throughout. A remarkable performance by Jay Mohr channeling the right amount of Doug Heffernan style humor with a little bit of Charlie Harper thrown in there too. The supporting cast of Ed Begley Jr. and Al Madrigal also were very funny as usual.

    I think that this episode benefitted from having a very well-written storyline. Sure, it was incredibly generic, but things played out well and resulted in some finely timed comedy with an I Love Lucy-esque scene with Gary continually running back and forth across the restaurant to make sure Vanessa and Allison did not cross paths. I think any time you compare a show to that, The King of Queens and Two And A Half Men you know you have a promising series on your hands.moreless

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    • Vanessa: (referring to Gary telling her he already made reservations to take her out to dinner) You better promise me you're not making this up, though.
      Gary: Hey, I swear on my kids' lives.
      (Gary enters the kitchen where Tom and Louise are sitting)
      Gary: Hey guys, be real careful the next couple days, OK?
      Louise: Did you swear on our lives again?
      Gary: Yeah.
      Tom: I am tired of tiptoeing through life, Dad!

    • Vanessa: OK, I don't mean to sound conceited, but look at this, OK? (she stands up and points to herself) Look at this! Men have literally beaten up other men for this. Complete strangers bought me food and clothes and drinks. A guy once offered me a car if I would run through his sprinklers in my sun-dress.
      Gary: Wow. What kind of car?
      Vanessa: My Jeep.

    • Vanessa: OK, I have something to say. It's a small thing, but it's starting to get a little irritating.
      Gary: Oh my God! Please don't be an STD. I've made it to almost 40.

    • (Tom and Louise enter the room)
      Tom: Hey Dad, we're hungry.
      Gary: Didn't I feed you guys twice already today? Wow, you guys are expensive pets, I'll tell you that. Well, if anyone has any objections to Chinese food, I suggest you try to beat the speed dial.

    • Walter: The human mind is complex.
      Allison: Yeah, well, the Gary mind is powered by a hamster on a wheel.

    • Walter: I'm attending a seminar for the top marriage therapists in the state.
      Gary: Oh, well, if you guys are all there, who's gonna stay behind and pump false hope into people that have no business staying married?

    • Gary: (to Walter) Oh, no! You packed a bag. What's the matter? Allison dumped you for somebody older?

    • Allison: I was kind of touched that you remembered May 31st, 1992.
      Gary: I'll never forget May 31st, 1992 cause I was in here and I saw the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen walk through those doors.
      Allison: Gary.
      Gary: And then you came in right behind her.

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