Gary Unmarried

Season 1 Episode 14

Gary and Dennis' Sister

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 11, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Gary starts to panic after he and Dennis' sister start spending a lot of time together, and share a brief kiss, which prompts her to start to smother Gary and Dennis to start talking about the two of them getting married.

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  • Dennis's sister comes to town and tries to trap Gary into a relationship he's not ready for.

    This was another fine example of what this show does best: one-liners coming thick and fast with the excellent timing of Jay Mohr. I have warmed to this show more and more as the series has progressed, I even had to revise my original score for the show upwards, and this episode delivered exactly what it was supposed to. True, lots of the gags are telegraphed from the start, but no matter. The episode was funny and we got to know more about Dennis and his family who had not really been up there much before. Enjoyable nonsense and fun.moreless
  • Gary dates Dennis' sister.

    For the millions and millions of fans who follow my reviews you know that I have been clamoring for Al Madrigal (Dennis Lopez) to get more screen time, and he finally did this week, being an integral part of the storyline.

    Gary dated Dennis' sister Anna, and in typical Gary Unmarried fashion, it produced disastrous results. Jay Mohr is arguably the best at one-liners on TV right now and his zingers were in surplus tonight. They played a little too much on the Spanish stereotype but Dennis pointing out how his father would murder him if he didn't protect Anna (he's the oldest brother, but he wasn't always) and the group of illegals they picked up that morning were among the highlights of the somewhat racist, but insanely funny dialogue.

    Gary Unmarried has little to no chance of a second season, but this was another great episode.moreless

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    • Anna: So, this is your new house, huh?
      Gary: Yeah, it's kinda like my old house - took a dump and this one came out.

    • Dennis: Say the words I've been dying to hear.
      Gary: I dumped your sister.
      Dennis: Those weren't them. Try again.

    • Gary: Don't take this the wrong way, you're beautiful and I really like you, but you're a teeny bit ... bananas.
      Anna: Oh, here we go. I'm getting the banana talk again.
      Gary: Again? You've had the banana talk before?

    • Allison: If you want her to break up with you, just stop being First Date Gary. You know, be Ten Years Down The Road Gary. With the open boxers at breakfast and the peeing in the shower.
      Gary: I get it.
      Allison: The gassy, scratchy, burpy, slurpy, cutting your toenails on the sofa Gary.
      Gary: I get it, I'm a disgusting man.

    • Allison: Anna's amazing. I couldn't get along without her.
      Gary: So, if she was to get angry and suddenly leave town, that wouldn't be cool?
      Allison: No, that wouldn't be cool. I mean, I love her and the kids love her. The only thing that isn't cool is that she started dating some creepy older guy. You might know him. He's you, Gary!

    • Gary: (on the phone) Allison. It's Gary. The answer to all your problems. You know, except for your stretch marks and your screechy voice.

    • Anna: (to Gary) I bought you some new underwear. I thought you might like to try a pair where the elastic band is attached to the fabric.

    • Anna: Remember when you and Dennis drove me to college and you took me to the wrong Carolina?
      Gary: Yeah. I still think you would have done great at Klempson, though.
      Anna: Yeah, but I didn't apply there and I didn't have a place to live, so it would have made for a rough freshman year.

    • Anna: Hey, sorry to bother you, Gary. Louise wanted me to come by and feed her fish. She said you would forget.
      Gary: Louise has fish?

    • Anna: You don't recognise me, do you?
      Gary: Er, throw a drink in my face, See if it jogs my memory.

    • Allison: Gary, there are your tickets. It's never a pleasure doing business with you.

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