Gary Unmarried

Season 1 Episode 18

Gary and the Trophy

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 08, 2009 on CBS
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When Gary's bowling team makes the championship, he tries to motivate them. But when one player quits the team right before the championship game, Gary struggles to find a replacement.

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  • Gary turns to Allison to help him win a highly coveted bowling trophy. Meanwhile, Tommy falls for the daughter of Gary's bowling rival.

    What I love about this show is how they can make the simple things funny, like the sitcoms of the early 90's. In this episode Gary was determined to win a coveted bowling trophy that he and his team have failed to win from the flooring guys for the past few years. This episode took something so simple and made it funny without getting to over the top.

    So when Gary and his team of Dennis, his pot smoking father, and some guy found out the Gary's Painting team made it into the finals and would have to face the Korean floor guys. When Tommy and Vanessa inquired about the rivalry between the two crafts, Dennis explained that floor guys scuff up baseboards, and we then learned that painters drip onto floors. The best was the insult trading, where Stuart explained that they were not really tough and just describing their jobs it was still funny. This was a regular Capulets vs. Montagues moment especially when Tommy fell for Ella Kim, the daughter of the rival floor guy.

    Ryan Malgarini has great comedic chops, the whole scene where Ella visited him and he was in footy pajamas was just genius. His questioning of Ella's reasoning for why they can't see each other, the hatred of painters and floorers, not Koreans and whatever his ancestors were. Then when he tried to rob the claw machine, which we all have tried at some point, he was just brilliant. I think though his line about reading the sequel to pre-calc, calc was great.

    When Allison points out Gary's inevitable failure to Kim Brothers Flooring, she also points out that she was the best bowler his team ever had. This is where the plot comes in, Allison points out that Gary is not a serious driven coach and his only motivation is the drinking that occurs at the lanes. So when Gary tries to be a serious coach and helps the team visualize their victory but the team only bickers mostly about Dennis stealing other people's beers and wearing lip gloss and orange gloves, or Stuart's sinus issues, or the fact that Gary's dad uses the hand dryer somewhere else. Stuart quits and Gary is now forced to beg Allison to join his team. The highlight was after she accepted she asked Gary to get rid of Dennis cause she would like to finish a beer.

    Watching Allison bowl was funny, from her noting the age old question where the ball goes as it returns and doing a little dance and sanitizing everything. After her harsh criticisms Gary admits that he did not want her on the team, but needed her since Stuart quit because he wanted to win the trophy so bad, their bickering was interrupted by an announcement for the parents of Tom Brooks to come to the arcade. Where we find Tommy with his hand up the machine and the secret of Ella and Tommy is out, and the competition between Gary and the Kims is intensified on the lanes.

    The night was over and Gary, Tom, and Allison returned to Gary's where Tom said that this was the last stupid thing he is going to do for a girl, and when Allison responded that they would have no problem with him continuing to see Ella. Tom delivered the best line of the night, explaining that after seeing him get covered with a towel so he could pee while his hand was still up the machine their relationship was over. Then Dennis and Jack walked in with the trophy and explained that the Kim's were stupid to leave their van door open.

    This show just keeps getting better and if they continue to play up the banter between Gary and Allison and the comedic chops of dimwitted son Tom the show should have many more classic episodes to come.moreless
  • Gary must turn to Allison for help winning the bowling championship.

    While the prospect of a second season may seem grim for Gary Unmarried, the first year comedy is still proving to be one of TV's funniest shows that is under the radar. As we close in on the final episodes we will see if the show is able to get a miracle and grow in viewers, but with the constant usage of hackneyed plotlines and cliched endings, Gary's one liners may not be enough to save this show and we all will most likely have to accept its doomed fate.

    This particular episode was an improvement over the past few sluggish weeks, but the payoff of Gary's team winning did not seem as satisfying to me as it did to the studio audience who must have been sent back in time to 1974 with the way they applauded when his father walked in with the trophy. Actually, that's not entirely impossible as Francois Chau of Lost was on the show.moreless
  • Gary seeks Allison's help to win the bowling championship

    This episode didn't really have a lot of funny moments, nor did it have a very interesting plot. But still, for most part it was fine and watchable.

    Low on laughs, this one relied heavily on Tom to provide the best comedy track. Gary and Allison's feud and fights is getting pretty stale. The beer joke involving Dennis was overused. Somehow, the whole scheme of things just didn't fit in. Maybe, it is because we don't get a lot of sarcasm from Gary. Allison's dad Charlie provided some great scenes in previous episode, and Ed Begley Jr. was also awesome. With these two gone, the show has lost it.moreless
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Francois Chau

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Monica Anne Parales

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the scene where the teams tries to "visualize" bowling, the number of glasses on the table keeps changing between one and four. Jack sometimes hold his glass in his lap and sometimes on the table, which is normal, but Stuart's glass goes between the table and his hand, and Gary's goes from the table to the bar behind him without either person ever getting near the table. Further, Dennis empties his glass early in the scene, and the glass is later suddenly half filled. Finally, near the end of the scene Dennis orders three shots from the bartender, which then immediately appear on the table.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Gary: What do ya say, Kim. Let's get back out there and settle this with our balls.
      (Gary leaves)
      Allison: You know what he meant.

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