Gary Unmarried

Season 1 Episode 9

Gary Gives Thanks

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 26, 2008 on CBS
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Gary and Allison butt heads over where to host Thanksgiving. Allison tries to have everyone over her house including her parents, whereas Gary wants to have everyone at his house for his first Thanksgiving as a single dad.

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  • An OK episode from an OK comedy.

    This was a fairly weak episode of Gary Unmarried. I have seen a lot of Thanksgiving specials this week and this was not one of the best. There were some funy lines, mainly from Charlie, Allison's dad. Now hanksiving is not a holiday celebrated in Britain, but even I could see some of the wasted potential here.

    Allison annoys me totally and Gary comes across as merely an irritating pain most of the time. The children were reasonably entertaining though we didn't see much of them. I can hardly remember the other characters. Come on Gary - let's have something better from you!moreless
  • Gary and Allison both try to host Thanksgiving dinner.

    After last week gave us the best episode in series' history this week probably gave us the worst.

    Very few funny lines and for a holiday in Thanksgiving that usually produces humorous special episodes (That 70's Show comes to mind) the proverbial ball was definitely dropped here.

    I did laugh at a lot of Charlie's (Allison's father) lines. His timing was perfect and his dialogue came off as very real and believable as opposed to reading off a script.

    Gary Unmarried did themselves no favors in terms of getting a second season with this episode. In my opinion every step they took forward the past few weeks is obsolete after this.moreless

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    • (Gary and Charlie are in the hospital talking about Alison)
      Gary: They're stitching her up now. You know they say that's their fourth yam-related incident tonight.

    • Gary: Krandall. Put your head between your legs.
      Walter: This is not a time for insults, Gary.

    • Allison: My dad want's a divorce.
      Walter: This is a marriage counselling emergency! Mom, Dad, I'll be opening a week from Tuesday.

    • Connie: Honey, I wasn't snooping but I was looking through your underwear drawer -
      Allison: Mom!
      Connie: Well somebody's got to tell you this. Men don't like granny panties. They like the T-back thong. (she pulls on hers)

    • Allison: (to Gary) Your turkey is safe for now. It's cooking at an undisclosed location.

    • Allison: (talking about the turkey) Who made that for you?
      Gary: I made it. Look at this. This thing is beautiful. It shold be on the cover of 'Better Homes than Allison' magazine.

    • Gary: Is it time to tap the Pony keg?
      Charlie: Oh. I'm not crying. I just go some pretzel salt in my eyes.

    • Charlie: My place is like an Indiana Jones movie. You touch the wrong thing and you've got this great big boulder bitching at you.

    • Charlie (talking about Gary's house): Gary, this place is great.
      Gary: Yes. It's small but its crappy.
      Charlie: And it smells like a bar.
      Gary: You know, it didn't come that way. I had to do that all by myself.

    • Walter: Charlie, you rushed right past us. Come back in. I've just got some Whistler crabs.
      Charlie: You know you can get a cream for that.

    • Allison: Why can't you be happy for me now that I've found Walter?
      Connie: I am. But your fiance seems a little...I don't know how I say this politely...antiquey.

    • (Gary has a frozen turkey in his hands)
      Gary: Hi, are you enjoying yourself?
      Allison: Well, I was at first and then I realised the man I was married to for fifteen years was trying to score with a dead frozen animal.
      Gary: How do you think I felt for fifteen years having to sleep with a dead frozen animal?

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