Gary Unmarried

Season 1 Episode 17

Gary Hooks Up Allison

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 18, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Gary, annoyed with how much time Allison is spending with him at his house after breaking up with Krandall, plays match-maker and tries to find her a new boyfriend.

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  • Funny episode where gary tries to find Allison a new boyfriend and she tries to persuade him to try new things.

    There perhaps wasn't much in the way of plot in this episode of Gary Unmarried but that was more than compensated for by the plethora of great lines, particularly from Gary. The gags came thick and fast and were pretty funny. Dennis had a bit to do in this which is always good to see. The idea of putting out a poster with tear off strips advertising Allison was briliant. It would have been nice to see a bit more of Tommy and Louise in this as they both act really well and have great timing with their lines. Will there be any more of this series?moreless
  • Gary tries to hook up Allison

    This installment wasn't as funny as the previous one, but still there were a lot of good scenes. Gary tries to setup a date for Allison, after she starts showing up at his house all the time. I liked the part, where Al Madrigal gives him the idea of a flyer with tags to advertise her single status. The line where he says that he sold is bed the same way was priceless. We didn't get to see Charlie this episode, nor do we get to see a lot of Tom and Louise. Maybe, that's why this one was less hilarious than most episodes.

    I don't see why CBS should cancel this show. I would suggest they axe HIMYM and move this one the Monday slot.moreless
  • Gary continues dating Ms. Plummer.

    Come back Ed Begley Jr.! The show just is not the same without Walter Krandall. His exchanges Gary were always hilarious, and the show is just missing that type of character. I'm inclined to call him a villain, but that probably is not the most accurate description, but that's the best way toe elucidate my feelings.

    There were some funny moments, but nothing that I laughed at for more than a second or will be telling people about tomorrow.

    Was this the last episode of the show? I certainly hope not as this has been a fun series and if it does get canceled this would be a horrible way to end on.moreless

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    • Gary: Let's face it. I'm a tear down. Any repairs you want to make is fine with me.
      Joan: Have you been to the ballet?
      Gary: Oh, come on!

    • Gary: (to Joan) If you do want to give me a second chance, I would love to take you to see Don Giovanni. I want to know if Don Giovanni is able to lure Zerlina away from her fiance Masetto. Oh yeah. I can Google.

    • Gary: Miss Plummer?
      Joan: Yes?
      Gary: I wanted to talk to you about the "incomplete" I got last night.
      Joan: All grades are final.

    • Gary: What happened to your date with Andy?
      Allison: Well, that's over.
      Gary: What do you mean it's over? I thought you guys were really hitting it off.
      Allison: Well, we were, we were. We were talking, we were connecting, you know, we were making plans for tomorrow and I suggested maybe we have lunch, you know, get some coffee, get some new clothes, maybe get a haircut, I don't know, contact lenses, look for a better condo. And then he gets up and goes to the bathroom and I never see him again. I just don't get that.

    • Joan: I just ran into a friend who gave me two tickets to see Don Giovanni.
      Gary: Ah, that's cool. Who's he fighting?

    • Dennis: Why don't you just go over to Miss Plummer's?
      Gary: Can't. She has cats.
      Dennis: What's wrong with cats?
      Gary: I can't get naked in front of cats. They bat things that dangle.

    • Dennis: Maybe you should find Allison another guy. You know anyone you could set her up with?
      Gary: That's impossible. Any guy worthy of Allison is already in prison or Hell.

    • Dennis: (to Gary) Can't we just go back to our regular coffee place? This place creeps me out. Look, they have pitchers of cream. Call me old fashioned, but cream should be powder.

    • Joan: (about Allison) She's obviously trying to keep busy because of the brealk up. She really needs your support right now.
      Gary: I'll support her tomorrow. I mean, we already supported Shirley MacLaine. How many crotchety old bags do we have to prop up in one day?

    • Joan: Allison ... I ... we ...
      Allison: Hey, hey, don't worry about it. I've seen Gary attempt to kiss other people before.

    • Tommy: How am I supposed to play you two against each other if both my houses are equally lame?

    • Gary: Why do they need these boards here? Don't they have them at your house?
      Allison: That's the point. It's all part of my household continuity project.
      Gary: Oh, does that fall under the umbrella of your ruin Gary's life initiative?
      Allison: No, I already finished that. I came in ahead of schedule and under budget, thank you.

    • Allison: Gary, could you turn off the television for 2 seconds and show a little interest in your children's lives?
      Gary: Tell your mother I'll show interest in your lives as soon as there's a commercial.

    • Gary: What are you reading?
      Edward: Archaeology Today.
      Gary: Oh, wow, that's kind of weird. Today ... archaeology's about old stuff, but it's today.
      Edward: Yes, I suppose it is a bit of an oxymoron.
      Gary: You don't have to call me names.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Gary: Is it the opera that "Kill the wabbit" is based on?

      Gary is quoting Elmer Fudd, who sings the line "Kill the wabbit" to the tune of Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" in the 1957 Merrie Melodies cartoon 'What's Opera, Doc?'

    • Gary: I can Google.

      Google is a Web search engine owned by Google Inc. and is the most used search engine on the Web. The name "Google" originated from a common misspelling of the word "googol" which refers to the number represented by a 1 followed by one hundred zeros.

    • Gary: We already supported Shirley MacLaine.

      Shirley MacLaine is an American Academy Award-winning actress, dancer, activist, and author, well-known for her beliefs in new age spirituality and reincarnation.

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