Gary Unmarried

Season 1 Episode 13

Gary Moves Back In

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 21, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

After Allison accidentally floods the first floor of Gary's house, she allows him to temporarily move back in with her.

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  • Another genuinely funny episode.

    Gary Unmarried has really come on in leaps and bounds since the first somewhat shaky episodes. This was a genuinely funny episode where Gary has to move into Allison's house when she floods his kitchen with the faulty dishwasher. There was also some genuine pathos where Allison discovers that, actually, she doesn't want to marry Krandall. Tommy was excellent once again, this time with a story about taking a new girl to the school dance that he thinks will be hideous and actually turns out to be stunningly good looking. I hope this show lives on after this season, though sadly, it may not.moreless
  • After Allison floods Gary's house he is forced to move back in with her.

    CBS' Wednesday night comedy block may not be back next season, but it certainly is not because of a lack of quality. Featuring two of television's most underrated and riotous comedies it is simply one of the funniest hour on TV.

    This show is really coming into its own as the cast seems to effortlessly tell a great story and put a smile on the viewer's face. Ryan Malgarini is the best child actor on television and is such a compelling character and veteran actor Ed Begley Jr. plays the grizzled old fiance perfectly. His traditional behavior counters Jay Mohr's short-minded, blue collar comedy to create a truly entertaining show.

    With one-liners a plenty this was another great Gary Unmarried.moreless

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    • Tommy: You know, I never had to worry about that with my old girlfriend. I could leave Danielle anywhere.
      Dennis: I could leave my wife on the front lawn along with her robe open and no-one would take her.

    • Dennis: (opening the oven) Baseball cards are done.

    • Allison: He's right. I don't want to get married.
      Gary: Sure you do. Yes you do. Look how handsome this guy is. You love him, he loves you and he's just two titanium hips away from walking down the aisle.

    • Allison: Walter, are you alright?
      Krandall: Oh no, I'm fine. I've never been good at storming out. I've small feet and a high centre of gravity.

    • Louise: Tommy, I've got no clue what is going on here, but we got sugar for breakfast.

    • Allison: Gary. I would be your landlord.
      Gary: Yes you would. You'd be my landlord and if I fell behind with the rent you could just throw me out in the dead of winter. You would love that.
      Allison: I would love that.

    • Allison: Gary, did you shave in the kitchen sink a while ago?
      Gary: Yes I did. Don't worry though, mostly my face.

    • Tommy: The coach slapped me on the shoulder and told me he could use someone like me on defense. I'm starting next week and I don't even know what sport I'm playing.

    • Tommy: I don't know if you've noticed or not but Marjorie's kind of hot.
      Gary: The law doesn't really let me have this conversation with you, but I understand the words you're saying.

    • Tommy: So, see you tomorrow at school?
      Marjorie: Yes. Promise me you're going to have lunch with me. I don't want to eat by myself.
      Tommy: Okay. Tomorrow's meatloaf day. So I'll bring a beaujolais.

    • Krandall: Are you aware that Tom just left the house with a grown woman?
      Allison: Oh, she's 15, Walter.
      Krandall: Was she sent from some island to protect mankind?

    • Gary: Alright, here's some money, okay.
      Tommy: Do I give it to her now, or when we come home?

    • Gary: Hey son, when you leaving for the big dance?
      Tommy: As soon as cow-zilla rips the roof off and plucks me out.

    • Gary: (to Allison) I feel like I've just passed a 120 lb kidney stone, that says she's 110.

    • Gary: If I ever meet the guy that invented the snooze alarm, I'm going to slap him in the face every five minutes.

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