Gary Unmarried

Season 2 Episode 17

Gary Unmarried?

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 17, 2010 on CBS
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Gary discovers that he and Allison's divorce papers were never filed, and he uses this information as a way to reclaim some of the things Allison kept. Allison's sister Rachael gives Mitch a makeover while she is in town visiting.

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  • season 3 please

    season 3 please!!!!!
  • Gary Unmarried?

    In what I hope was not the series finale, but probably is, we discovered that Gary and Allison are still technically married, and the kicker.... he might not want to get divorced.

    Ending the season on a cliffhanger was a good way to generate interest in the show, but they almost never renew a show when they attempt something like this. The fans are just left wondering what if.

    This episode was not that funny, but I had to give it a pretty high score because of how well-written it was. If this was the series finale it was a good way to go out on. This show was my favorite comedy on CBS this year, hopefully Les Moonves renews it.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The house that they use for Alison in Gary Unmarried is the same house they used for Peggy in Everybody Loves Raymond. Even the house number matches.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Curtis: Ok, I'm freaking out. We have a week to go and I'm freaking out.
      Mitch: Hey, hey. Relax, Curtis. Isn't this like your third wedding?
      Curtis: Yeah, but Charleen said that this definitely going to be my last. One way or the other.

    • Gary: (to Curtis) I gotta tip my hat to you man, getting married again. I don't wanna say marriage is like jail, but you lose all your freedom, somebody screaming at you constantly and at the end of the day you realize 'I should have just hooked up with a dude'.

    • Curtis: What do you guys know? You split up.
      Gary: Yeah, we did split up. You wanna know why? Because I got lazy, Curtis.
      Allison: Yeah, you did. You got lazy. And I... I got a little bitchy.
      Gary: SO bitchy.

    • Gary: I really could have been a better husband to you.
      Allison: Am I being recorded? Is this some kind of bachelor party gag and you need a cheap stripper? Right, huh?
      Gary: No, no. I just really been doing lot of thinking about us and I could have done lot of things differently.
      Allison: I don't think you could have said anything sweeter.
      Gary: We are actually looking for a cheap stripper but, uh, you're such a sexy little tramp that the second you start shaking the guys would drop dead.
      Allison: (flattered) Oh, Gary.

    • Allison: Hey, guys. Look who's here. It's my sister Rachel.
      Gary: Ooh. Wow. I figured, you know. Cause the weatherman said it's cloudy with a chance of bitchy.

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