Gary Unmarried

Season 1 Episode 16

Gary Uses His Veto

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 11, 2009 on CBS
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Much to Allison's anger, Gary uses his 'veto', that he and Allison get to use once a year, to stop Louise from taking Chinese lessons because he feels she has to many extracurricular activities. But when Gary signs Louise up for golf lessons, Allison ends up using her veto.moreless

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  • The veto is finito.

    I quite enjoyed this episode of Gary Unmarried. There was no boring "B" storyline, there was simply the hilarious combination of all the main characters toward one main storyline. The exchanges between Gary and his ex-father-in-law were quite amusing, and his generic marriage jokes were funny as well.

    I will not go as far as to say this was a "series classic" or that one episode that is going to save this show from its cancellation status (or at the very least bubble status) but I did find myself laughing a bit more than usual. Good episode overall and the 7.5/10 score is more than fair.moreless
  • This was another funny and extremely enjoyable episode of Gary Unmarried.

    This was another funny and extremely enjoyable episode of Gary Unmarried. The show has a lot more going for it than I thought it did when it started out. Here, Gary tries to get Tommy interested in golf. It turns out that Tommy is useless at it but Louise masters it instantly. The fun then begins as Gary, aided and abetted by Allison's father, Charlie, then try to get Louise to have lessons despite Allison vetoing the idea. After it turns out that Allison had ignored Gary's veto over the Mandarin lessons for Louise they call a truce. Great stuff!moreless
  • Outrageous. Seriously outrageously funny.

    What we've got here is folks who know pretty darn well how to make us laugh. In this installment, we get to see Gary and his father in law Charlie team up against their wives (ex-wife in Gary's case). This is one funny pair, and almost all sequences were outrageously funny.

    Gary uses his veto on Allison, when she decides to make Louise take mandarin classes. On a parallel track, Gary and Charlie try their best to decipher if Tom has some talent or not, by taking him to the golf course. There they discover Louise swing her club like a pro. Seeing the next Tiger Woods in her, and the allure of all the cash ahead. They make her take golf lessons despite Allison's veto. Finally, there is a confusion of all sorts and they end up making her take both mandarin and golf classes. I must say the kid who plays Tom's character may probably be the most funniest kid on T.V. Probably better than Angus Jones, who plays Jake in Two and a Half Men.

    A show in a very nascent stage. Hope CBS doesn't nip this one in the bud.moreless

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    • Connie: (about Louise) The point is, you should be celebrating the fact that you both had a hand in creating this incredibly, wonderfully talented child.
      Gary: You're right, Connie.
      Allison: Thanks, Mom, that's a sweet thing to say.
      Connie: I would have killed to have a child with a fraction of this talent.

    • Gary: (about Allison and Connie) Great. It's the two Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
      Charlie: It was Gary's idea. He told me if I didn't play along I'd lose my social security.

    • Louise: I still feel weird about skipping cello practice.
      Gary: Well we all do things we feel weird about that might be wrong. After a while that feeling goes away.
      Charlie: And if the feeling goes away, was it ever really wrong?

    • Charlie: Look at me, gary. What do you see?
      Gary: A guy with a moustache that's mostly nose hair.

    • Gary: Don't beat yourself up about it, Tom, okay?
      Tommy: No, but that guy seemed really mad about his windshield.
      Gary: Alright, look, forget about it. He'll get over it. Bentley - very common car.

    • Golfer: So how long has your daughter been playing?
      Gary: Including today? One minute.

    • Tommy: What makes you think I'm going to like golf so much?
      Charlie: Because every guy loves golf. Hey, you're walking around in the great outdoors. Drinking beer. You're cussing.
      Tommy: I like the hell out of that!

    • Gary: Let's get Tommy interested in golf. Can we play?
      Connie: Alright. But no beer, no cigars and it wouldn't kill you to walk the course.
      Charlie: If it would, I'd walk it.

    • Gary: How come you didn't practise this earlier? You know.
      Louise: Well, I had choir practice after school, then volleyball, then I had to study for my geography test and then I had my math dinner.
      Gary: That's too much stuff, Louise. When are you going to take the time to be a kid?
      Louise: In my late thirties, like you.

    • Gary: Louise, why are you practising so late?
      Louise: I'm sorry, Dad. I forgot this was your TV time.
      Gary: Alright, look, you know, I got the premium package, I told you. If I don't watch 5 hours of TV a day, I'm throwing money out the window.

    • Gary: I did it Charlie! I am a golf dad!
      Charlie: You know Tiger Woods bought his parents a mansion, and cars and trips. I know I am just the grandfather,but Louise knows I love her right?

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