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Gary Unmarried

Season 1 Episode 15

Gary's Ex-Brother-In-Law

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 18, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Gary learns a lesson about never mixing family with business when he gets faced with an audit from the IRS and needs to lean on Allison's brother for financial support.

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  • Mohr and Guest Star Lilliard Great Together!

    I thought Mohr and Lilliard played off of each other brilliantly - the show had some slow spots but some real funny jokes and scenes. I loved when Gary's dad kept quitting when he heard Gary try and convince Taylor to give up painting for a living - how dreary and boring it all was. Mohr and Lilliard had good chemistry and timing and I think they should bring Taylor back as a continuing annoyance to Gary - a guy who is all flash and fancy watches and a celebrity name dropper. This show continues to impress me with good acting and clever jokes.imoreless
  • Not the worst episode I've seen but not the best either.

    The trouble with Gary Unmarried is that it mainly relies on the quality of Gary's one-liners. When these are not exactly sparking the whole episode falls a bit flat, rather like this one. I found the Taylor character a bit annoying and rather stupid and couldn't wait for him to go. Gary's son Tommy was well played as usual by Ryan Malgarini but Dennis didn't get many lines. The plot was fairly predictable and really didn't give too many surprises and the laughs were more limited than in the more recent episodes. So there we have it, average - not bad but not good either.moreless
  • Gary gets audited.

    Where did they dig Matthew Lillard up from? I don't think I've seen him in anything since Scream, but he was pretty funny here as a smooth-talking Harvard graduate. Bringing him in on a recurring basis could help freshen up the show.

    Of course the plot took a generic turn when it was revealed that Taylor was actually broke. Outside of his lines there was very little to laugh at here as the show is really lacking without Ed Begley Jr and Jaime King, who Jay Mohr played well off.

    Not a bad show, but only average by Gary Unmarried standards. I guess you cannot win them all though.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Taylor says that he told Gary to buy Google in 1998. Google was not publicly traded until 2004, and was only founded in September of 1998.

    • The paint on Taylor's shirt changes places between scenes. When Gary first rolls green paint on Taylor's shirt, it covers the right part of the shirt's logo. Later on, the paint covers up the left side of the logo.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Gary: Allison. I just dropped your brother off at the airport. He told me to give you a big kiss. We'll just lie and say we did that.

    • Gary: Okay, Taylor, you win. You're hired. Congratulations, working man. You get to wash your hands with soap that hurts.

    • Allison: Well congratulations, Gary. It only took you an hour to reduce one of the most brilliant financial minds in America to a frightened insecure mess who won't put on his underwear.
      Gary: I'm sorry, I stopped listening after you said "congratulations Gary". So. Thank you.

    • Taylor: You don't know what it's like to be the family superstar. You did it right, Gary. You set the bar low for yourself. Nobody ever expected great things out of you and you never disappointed them.
      Gary: That's the toast you gave at my wedding.

    • Allison: Speaking of smells, what are you wearing? It's just fantastic.
      Taylor: Oh thanks. It's Clive Christian Number One. Ove two thousand dollars a bottle. I got it at a boutique in London.
      Gary: It's amazing. Check this out. Ivory soap, forty nine cents. Got it at the Big Lots in Tosana.
      Allison: Can we not compare smells for once, okay?

    • Louise: Elk, bison, monkfish. Is there anything on this menu I'm not trying to save?

    • Tommy: Mom, they have a hamburger that costs twenty three dollars.
      Gary: Does it come with a picture of the chef laughing at you?

    • Jack: I'm telling you, son, you got to go down to Mexico yourself and hide out until this whole thing blows over.
      Gary: Yeah. You gave me that same advice when they told me I had to repeat third grade.

  • NOTES (1)