Gary Unmarried

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 24, 2008 on CBS
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Gary's ex-wife has just got engaged to a new man and he finds himself trying to navigate fatherhood and his own new love interest.

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  • Series Opener.

    This show was much better than I ever thought it would be. It has an awesome time slot too because it is on right after my favorite show The New Adventures of Old Christine. It has the best timeslot because it almost just like Christine, but in a different perspective. Instead of a middle aged women, it is a middle aged man. And instead one kid theres more kids who are little older. SO, this is kind of like what would happen if the Old Christine focused on Richards life more than Christine's.

    This pilot episode was AMAZING. It was just so fresh and funny and great. I absolutely love all CBS comedy's. Their amazing. And this one is no different. It adds to the list.

    This show has the potential to become a huge hit!moreless
  • "You could have told me you were double jointed. I thought i broke you"

    I loved it.That's the best way to describe it lol. I heard a lot of bad press about this but it was so funny. I honestly think it'd be better swapping time slots with Worst Week as this is more compatable with two and a half men.

    I love the way the kids had decent story lines, in two and a half men Jake is basically a prop for making the show hilarious in Gary Unmarried the kids actually have a role.

    Gary had a decent storyline also, his work friends were a little cliche but who cares. The show worked really well, I hope it lasts.moreless
  • A great start to a promising new show.

    Most people have probably read, or at the very least heard, some of the negative reviews new CBS sitcom Gary Unmarried had been getting. Luckily, those reviews were wrong.

    The show opens up with a great scene with Gary spitting out excellent one-liners to his new girlfriend and ex-wife. Jay Mohr is hilarious in the role and really captures the vibe that Kevin James had on The King of Queens. In fact there are a lot of similarities between the two and it's interesting to see how Doug Heffernan would behave if he had kids.

    This was a good pilot episode, something many comedies fail to deliver. There is a ton of room for improvement, but Gary and his kids seem to be funny enough to last for a few seasons. Al Madrigal is hilarious as well as an employee of Gary's. I'm excited to see if this show can hold this momentum heading into next week's episode.moreless

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    • Dr. Krandall: I suppose Allison brought you up to speed on our little...discretion.
      Gary: Yeah, I'm not sure which makes me more mad, the fact that you are sleeping with my ex-wife or the fact you made me keep a dream journal.

    • Gary: Why do you say stuff like that to them?
      Allison: Because children of divorce are more likely to struggle in their own relationships. There's an entire chapter on it in "Rules for a Perfect Divorce". (Gary stares blankly) The book Dr. Krandall gave both of us to read? God you haven't even cracked yours open yet have you?
      Gary: I don't have to read it, I have the audio version seated on my couch!

    • Gary: You kept them last weekend which was supposed to be my weekend, that doesn't mean we automatically switched.
      Allison: I kept them because we were doing the twelve hour juice cleanse and I knew you wouldn't honour it.
      Gary: Probably not. When my kids are starving I tend to feed them. Sorry if that makes me the fun parent.

    • Allison: You know how I felt the first time he held his arms around me?
      Gary: Were you helping him in or out of the tub?

    • (Talking about their marriage counselor)
      Allison: He makes me feel young.
      Gary: Of course he does, he's 80!

    • Allison: Have you noticed that Tommy's afraid of girls?
      Gary: He should be afraid of girls. They pretend to like you and then take all your stuff.

    • Gary: Hey kids throw away your books, get rid of your toothbrushes you're with Dad now.

    • Gary: You didn't tell me you were double jointed. At one point I thought I had broken you.
      Vanessa: I'm not double jointed, I just didn't want to complain.

    • Tom: A girl in my room? I can't invite a girl over here!
      Gary: Why not?
      Tom: What if she expects me to, you know, tap it!
      (awkward pause)
      Gary: Er, what, er, would you be tapping?
      Tom: I don't know!
      Gary: OK, that's good!

    • Gary: Second Life, huh? That looks pretty cool. You know when I was a kid, we didn't have anything like that. No, we had outside.

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    • Gary: Second Life, huh? That looks pretty cool. You know when I was a kid, we didn't have anything like that. No, we had outside.

      Second Life is an online virtual world, which is a cross between The Sims and an IM programme.