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  • It had the potential to be an AMAZING show then Season 2 came!

    It's hard to write a review about a show that you love, but has faced terrible episodes. Gary Unmarried is that kind of show. The first episode I ever saw was the Pilot, and I was immediately hooked. It felt like a fresh, new brilliant comedy. The chemistry between Gary and Allison was amazing, and you could already be rooting for them to get back together from the start.

    So what happened?

    I feel like the show transformed into a caricature of itself in the 2nd season. It wasn't the same show anymore. There were more characters introduced (characters we just did NOT care about), there were characters that were suddenly dropped and never mentioned again (Gary's friend? Forgot his name) and it just felt like a completely different show.

    I didn't like Gary's "serious" girlfriend in the 2nd season, or the whole radio-show plot. There were very few good episodes all of a sudden, and very few interactions between Allison and Gary, the 2 people who were driving the show into awesome-ness in its 1st season.

    But I do give credit for the season finale (which eventually turned out to be a series finale). That was a well-written, cleverly-plotted episode. And sadly, it was the last one. It had so much more potential, and it would've been nice to see a continuation, especially since it ended in a cliffhanger.

    In short, this was a great show. Sadly, I feel like it will be forgotten in 2 to 5 years. But there will always be a place for it in my heart.
  • Will he never win.

    Loved the show, its a shame it only lasted two seasons.

    It would have been nice if Gary has a little win occasionally.

    But, great show anyway.
  • Great, funny and "real" show. Ok it's still TV

    The second season is noticeably better than the first. I hope his brother comes back from Iraq real soon. That dude is hilarious! BAM! I do hope this show lasts because "Gary" is not the majority of guys, but a pigeon hole demographic. The ex-jock, popular, with some mean/non-moral friends, but an all around good guy who possesses street smarts/wit and truly misses life dreams (sports goals). I love this show! ... Ok, I might relate a little. NUGGET OUT! BAM! ... Ok, how many sitcoms revolve around a fictional entertainment figure(s)? Is it because we all openly or secretly long for fame?
  • Very funny sitcom with a talented and real cast.

    Gary Unmarried is one of the funniest new shows of 2008. Jay Mohr leads this hilarious cast as recently divorced house painter Gary Brooks. the show is well written and the jokes are very funnier. jokes that are skillfully pulled off by the entire cast. the portrayal of Gary's ex wife Allison by Paula Marshall is hilarious. Marshall portrays Allisons shrill demanding nature perfectly while keeping the character likable. usually in these types of sitcoms the children are overlooked. however it is impossible to look over the skilled performances by Ryan Malgarini as the slightly nerdy yet charming son Tom and Kathryn Newton as cute overachieving daughter Louise. the only concern is the amount of hatred Gary and Allison seem to have for each other after 15 years of marriage. even if it seems odd it makes for one funny show with an equally funny cast.
  • Good Cast, Funny Writing

    I just think the show is well-written and well cast. Mohr and Marshall have a great fighting chemistry and the kids are used well. Both my siblings are divorced and they tell me this show gets it right. When Mohr kept the expensive cake mixer from his wife in the settlement just out of spite my brother said his wife did something just like that - petty and vengeful. Mohr was born to play this guy - a guy's guy - simple man, simple plans but he loves his kids. There are always some lol jokes in every episode. Hope the show comes back next season.
  • finally a funny sitcom!

    I love sitcoms but since the era of seinfeld, Friends and Everybody loves raymond ended its been so hard to find a show that it wity, original and still wickedly funny. I watched the pilot because i love jay and once I started watching the show i had to see more episodes. i hope to see more seasons come from this show, so many sitcoms these days are so boring and in general really not funny. So its good to see CBS putting out yet another good sitcom. Along with How i met Your mother its safe to say that CBS is doing comedy right.
  • Gary: Generic Genius.

    Ah, Gary. The show is fundamentally flawed; it isn't really that creative. However, the show has some of the best writing around. "I don't know! Allison really wanted [the cake mixer] in the divorce, so I fought for it!" More importantly, the family -- Gary, Allison, Tom, and Lucy -- forms a solid backbone for the show, which is reasonably well-acted. However, ultimately it doesn't do much, and additionally it's on CBS, which seems to be largely ignored among television newswriters. Gary is good, in short, but it's not good enough to last long. However, I'll definitely keep enjoying it for as long as it lasts!
  • We can see why Gary woud be unmarried but what confuses us is why he is still in the primetime line up. Whatever film he has of the network executive must be really great material. (Better than his sitcom for sure).

    This show is a quilt. It's patched together by stealing from other shows that are actually good like "Two and a Half Men" and "Old Christine." All of the same elements are just recast in characters that you never really care about. Unfortunately, in order to like a show, you have to care about the characters. This show has the typical divorced couple with the same issues and the same extended family and the same problems as any other sitcom couple. They have the slow kid who does nothing to endear himself to the viewer and who brings nothing to the table the way of a developed character. The other kid is a daughter who is so unforgettable, I cannot remember the name of her character. The writing is a series of simplistic formulated jokes that I would expect from a Junior Year high school student writing his first one act play. Much of the humor, like the format is recycled. Good for them for being green. The one benefit of the writing is that you can leave the room and still keep up with the plot. Jay Mohr has a vehicle here but I'm sure his auto industry can be bailed out of the slump. He can carry off hosting an awards show or a piece of reality TV but as the main character it's not working. A main character in this formula has to carry the show with the supporting chargacters being a little weaker as charcters and as actors. The result of surrounding Jay Mohr with weaker actors is just painful to watch. I know CBS needs something new because "Two and a Half Men" can't run forever. This show is not the next hit they were hopong for. Too many bathroom jokes, too much locker room humor and a supporting cast of people you just wish would go away is not the Trifecta of a Golden Globe winner.
  • OK in parts, lame in others.

    Gary Unmarried is alright, it is probably one of the better new comedies this season, certainly better than Worst Week. It has good comedic moments but also long stretches which I don't find particularly humourous and sometimes can just be downright embarrassing. The main character of Gary is quite entertaining and Jay Mohr does what he can with the scripts he is provided with. I am in two minds about the Allison character, she can quite often be so annoying to watch that I want to fast forward through a lot of her bits. Other times the interaction between her and Gary works quite well. Whether this show survives beyond this season remains to be seen.
  • Very funny show..

    I saw the first 2 episodes of this show.It is very funny especially the part where he gives advice to his son about his girlfriend.

    The way he juggles his life between his GF and ex wife is also very hillarious .

    I think this show will at least air a couple of seasons as there are no good comedy shows except how i met ur mother and big bang theory.But if they come up with stupid plots down the season it will get the treatment of shows like the class which got cancelled.

    over all It is a very enjoyable show.
  • I will give it 5 shows before it is gone

    Why? Because it has Paula Marshal on it. She is the show killer. Just about every show that she has been on has been killed. Cupid, Sports Night, The Flash...I can go on. She is not a great actor, and really is not that funny at all.

    This show has an un original plot, barely funny lines. Jay Mohr left a successful show for this?? What was he thinking?

    The entire 8:00 block on CBS was the lowest rated block. It will not last. Tape or TIVO this show to save it for yourselves to watch over and over. It will not make it to DVD>
  • Could Gary Unmarried be the next big thing?

    Well I've just finished watching the pilot episode, and if the rest of the season is as funny as this episode then I think it's safe to say Gary Unmarried will be around for a while to come. Focusing on the life of Gary (Jay Mohr)and his life post divorce. Sounds a bit similar to Californication you're thinking but trust me this is a totally different type of half hour comedy. It's not as edgy and sharp as Californication but it did have some great lines and promises to do just what it says on the tin. I look forward to the next episode and feel confident enough to say it won't be 30 minutes I regret sitting in front of my TV for.
  • Gary is a recently divorced guy with two kids who is trying to get back in the game.

    CBS has a pat on the back from me for this new comedy. This show is witty, quick, amusing and pleasant. It has been long since I have seen a comdy and laughed this much. Although I have to say, I didn't care that much for the laughing track. I thought it a bit loud. I cant wait for the next episodes :) . I don't understand why it is getting low rating. Jay Mohr did a nice job and I have to hand it to the whole crew, well done. Keep up the good work and people will come.
  • Great Show!

    Congratulations to CBS and everybody else involved with Gary Unmarried. Personally, I do not understand why this great show is not getting great reviews all across the board. What's not to like? It is clever, and a lot of fun, with a very likable cast and good writing. I can't honestly say that about a lot of other TV shows these days. In fact, what we need is more TV shows like Gary Unmarried. Of course, it is still early days, but I can say that I am excited about this show and looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • I just watched the first episode and I laughed out loud several times.

    I am glad that I can now add another great comedy to my list of weekly watched TV shows. I wasn't sure what to expect from this show, but I must say that I am very pleased. I don't know if the other people who voted on this show had actually seen it before they cast their vote, but I don't understand why it has a 7.3 at the time of this review. I look forward to the next episode and I hope it is at least as funny as the pilot. I recommend this show to anyone who likes a good sit-com where the laugh track doesn't have to tell you when the laugh because you are laughing along with it already.