Gastineau Girls

Season 2 Episode 1

California Dreamin'

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2005 on E!

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  • The Gastineau Girls chose the wrong assistant and curse their history in TV forever!

    I think this show was the best they ever had!
    They picked the wrong assistant though!
    They should've picked that hot black guy Joner. He would've made the show. He looked fabulous and was working the camera.
    The other two seemed very dizzy. The black girl was boring throughout the rest of the season and the white girl was confused.
    To me it looked like their apt was a mess..Those Gastineau Girls need a grip.
    I wonder what happened to them after they got canned. Is it true that Lisa is trying to get another show of her own? I hope not. That would be really bad!