Gastineau Girls

E! (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Home, Sweet Home?
      Lisa Gastineau bemoans the fact that she spends a fortune trying to live the good life. She whines that all her jewelry is old, and that she lacks a boyfriend o give her new baubles. She also complains about having her messy daughter at home. It's spring in New York and love is in bloom. But what happens when Mom and Daughter are sniffing the same flowers?moreless
    • In the Doghouse
      In the Doghouse
      Episode 2
      Lisa visits a career counselor in hopes of finding a job and getting a new outlook on life. Daughter Brittny does her own career searching by visiting Elite Modeling in hopes of becoming a model. She better find work fast, since her mom is on the verge of kicking her to the curb. Sadly, Brittny's apartment hunting doesn't prove every encouraging.moreless
    • Race to Midnight
      Race to Midnight
      Episode 2
      As they race to prepare for New Year's Eve, Brittny arranges a surprise birthday party for her mom.
    • In the Doghouse
      In the Doghouse
      Episode 3
      Lisa visits a career counselor, while Brittny goes to Elite Modeling. Also, with an eviction notice pending, Brittny goes apartment searching, but is very unrealistic in her desires and chooses one with a rent of $10,000 per month.
    • Race to Midnight
      Race to Midnight
      Episode 3
      Lisa and Brittny head to Aspen, Colorado to celebrate New Year's Eve, where they connect with friends and enjoy the luxurious resort town. But the trip doesn't go as smoothly as planned when Brittny sets her sights on a guy. Will the mother and daughter work out their issues in time to end the year on the right note?moreless
    • Paradise Lost
      Paradise Lost
      Episode 4
      Lisa suggests taking a trip to Palm Beach to get Brittny's mind off her ex-boyfriend. Almost immediately , Brittny is moaning about how bored she is, as there is nobody under 40 there that is worth speaking to. She quickly talks Lisa into going to Miami for the night life. After hanging out in a salon getting their hair done, they pick up a man there who flirts with them both. The trio hit some clubs and have some fun, but at the end of it all, it is Lisa and Brittny who are all the better for the time they spent together.moreless
    • Bahama Mama
      Bahama Mama
      Episode 5
      Lisa's friend Shelia has a great idea: get the girls to the Bahamas on her yacht for some fun in the sun and a photo shoot for Brittny's modeling portfolio. They all head down to Paradise Island and kick things off with a fun night of gambling.
    • Model Citizens
      Model Citizens
      Episode 6
      After three winter vacations, the ladies return to the city. Fashion Week looms large and Brittny needs to make a good impression if she's ever going to make it as a model. But she's done little to reach her goal: no haircuts, no workouts, nothing. The fun ensues as she soon hits the gym, cuts her hair, and works with a runway trainer.moreless
    • Working Girls
      Working Girls
      Episode 7
      With their vacationing over with, the Gastineau gals are ready to work. But is the working world ready for them? Aspiring model Brittny hits the town and visits designers, trying for a runway gig during Fashion Week. Lisa works on her vocal delivery with some media trainers and starts to really get the hang of it.moreless
    • L.A. Women
      L.A. Women
      Episode 8
      The Oscar ceremony beckons and the Gastineaus heed the call. This is their chance to acquaint themselves with the right people, the right designers, and the right TV cameras. In preparation Lisa gets her red carpet bling in order and scores a stunning dress from designer Anne Bowen. Brittny even gets a "diamond therapy" session, which uses $6 million of the beauties. Sparkling and looking good, the girls appear on E!'s live Academy Awards pre-show. They enjoy themselves so much that Brittny ponders moving west.moreless
    • Looking For Love
      Looking For Love
      Episode 9
      The Gastineaus have been so focused on their careers that they've barely had time for love lives. So, the duo turns to a matchmaker. Brittny proves to be a tough cookie, shooting down various suitors. And she should be. After all, she's quite a catch having just made the Maxim Hot 100 List. Lisa is a little more up for the experience, even if her first date, Jeffery, annoyingly flaunts his wealth. Sparks fly with hunky baseball player Joe, but she cuts it short for a date with Glenn. Too bad she's pals with Glenn's ex-wife! After a few rounds of dating, a psychic lifts their spirits by telling them there is hope for the Gastineau girls yet.moreless
    • The Big Break
      The Big Break
      Episode 10
      Aspiring model Brittny learns that Los Angeles designer Ed Hardy might want her as the face of his biker chic fashion line. So she quickly hops a plane for a meeting in sunny California, gets an offer--and more incentives to relocate to the West Coast. In the Big Apple, Lisa is fulfilling her dream of becoming an entertainment broadcaster by hosting Full Frontal Fashion's red carpet coverage of a diamond event. She's nails it. A date involving some home cooking doesn't go so well, though. This season ends with the girls pondering their separate futures.moreless
  • Season 2