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E! (ended 2006)

(gas)stineau girls

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    [1]Dec 16, 2005
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    you two are truely pathetic scum sucking idiots - you worthless human beings ought to be ashamed of yourselves divorced your husband and took his money and made this gay show ? you guys ought to be ashame .... ashame ....ashame ....ashame ...

    I hope you trip off a flight of stairs and break ur neck ...u pathetic losers......ashame ..ashame ...ashame....

    I hope u break ur teeth britni ur one tooth whore .... u dirty skanky slutty model ....

    i hope u drown swimming ...u slutty , slutty , slutty sluts ... i hope you never get a job utter excuse of human life ...u sluts ....
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    [2]Dec 28, 2005
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    Ok this show totally blows. I have to admit that I watched it last season and while it wasn't my favorite it was a guilty pleasure. This year I can't stand it even more. It is nothing but whining about having to do nothing. There lack of consideration for anyone but themselves seems unreal to me, how can people be that stupid.

    Although how ever much I hate this show, I would never say that I wished them death my drowning! I am pretty sure you showed yourself to be no more mature then these two girls by leaving the post you did. You sound like you are in jr. high in this post. Maybe if you came at them with something substantial and articulate then it would really "show them" but all you showed them was that you are about as shallow as they are... I understand if you dont' like a show and can rip on it all you want, but when you refer to this kind of crap, go somewhere else.
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