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E! (ended 2006)


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  • Two gorgeous women!

    I saw the first few episodes of "the Gastineau girls" and I got to say that they are gorgeous. I saw a few epiosdes and these women mother and daughter are very beautiful. I can't stop looking at them and I can't take my eyes away from the set. One of the reason why I got E! is to watch those gorgeous girls. Although I gave the show a 7.5, It's not only a good show for me, but a gulity pleasure. There are things that I saw and things that I don't like, but the bottom line is the Gastineau Girls are gorgous and red hot and you can't argue with that.
  • This show begs the question: Why aren't marxist revolutionaries kidnapping the Gastineau Girls? Answer: Because nobody would pay their ransom.

    There is only one person more worthless and undeserving of life than Lisa and Brittny Gastineau - Paris Hilton, and only by a very, very slim margin. The word "work" is a four letter word to these idle bimbos. Where is the outrage? Where are the workers who should be marching by the millions with blood-lust in their eyes? Why isn't Mark Gastineau hiring hitmen to do away with these insipid dolts? Je désespère!
  • Get This OFF of the TV so I don't have to jump. A city is looking for its two bimbos.

    These two bimbos have absolutlely nothing to offer a viewer or anyone channel surfing. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! Reality TV at its worst. I guess they have to make money somehow. Total waste of time. There was only one time that Brittany looked cute in a very hot top. Sad case of "I was someone's wife and not I am not" so I have to do something and sad that I would think anyone cares about my day to day life. I sure hope you wake up and get a real career and Brittany is just waiting for a man to take care of her.
  • I just can't help myself.

    I am addictied to this show! Why i have no idea. The Mom needs to take valum or something and the daughter needs to get a real job, and have a real life but thats never gonna happen. But, Oh well I cant get enough of these two i hope that there is a season 3.
  • Will someone please take these two behind the barn and put them down. Why are these two worthless people on my TV? Get a job.

    I want to slit my wrists when these two dumbasses are on tv. Why are they on TV? Have these two made any contribution to the advancement of our race? They're just a couple of fake, pretenteous bitches whining about how they deserve this and that.

    If you watch these two, let me know who you are so I can come over and kick you in the head.
  • I love this show I don't know why. I guess because it's about people who don't have to work but want to do it anyway. I think it seems mature.

    I love this show I don't know why. I guess because it's about people who don't have to work but want to do it anyway. I think it seems mature. Not to mention the cloths and stuff - so cool. It makes me a little sad, I'll never be that rich even though I smarter than them now.
  • I love this show so much I cannot live with out.

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love this show!!!!!!! I've learn alot from this show, how to dress, how to be fabulous. I love that Lisa Gastineau is skinny and blond and white.I am spanish but I wouldn't mind being white blonde.I want to skinny so bad I weigh 160lbs.and short.I love that she loves shop as much as I do.
  • Mother and daughter reality series...somewhat interesting, but rather irritating as the series went on.

    When I first heard about the reality series on E!, I was interested in the show at first. However, I started to grow tired of it as the series would go on. Regardless of that, I thought Lisa and Brittny were pretty cool. I liked their clothes as well, yet the series lacked that certain je ne sais quois that would be needed to keep my interest.
  • I love this show---I hope it comes back for another season!

    Awesome show! The girls are so cool and funny together. I love their clothes and jewelry. They are a great mother/daughter team. The narrator does a nice job too. Please bring them back for another season---I love this reality show, Victoria Gotti and Jerry Hall's Kept Man. I hope they all come back next season.