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  • A really great anime show, and one of my all time favourites.

    The show is set in 1969 when the world is under attack by aliens known as invaders. However, this war is waged in secret by an organisation called AEGIS. This organisation uses unique indviduals who can open 'gates allowing them access to special powers. These people are called gatekeepers. One such gatekeeper is Ukiya Shun.

    The plot is pretty much what you would expect but it is done in a very interesting way. The characters are very well written and have some excellent voice talent. The animation is vibrant but not childish or over done. The plot lines are also excellently portrayed and especially towards the end of the series take on a very interesting direction.

    Just for reference I am not talking about gatekeepers 21 here which this guide counts as a second series but is actually a spin-off and does already have it's own guide on the site. It is also quite inferior to the original show.
  • this is the story of people who can draw energy from the gate, as they battle invaders

    i say this show is good. not that bad, though not that good either. somtimes they become a routine. but still, there are some elements that make this show unique. one is the element of the gate. although some cartoons use a similar concept, it is unique the fact that it can be deadly, as revealed in the OVA. i also liked the twist in the OVA. i would really like to know what happened in between. i hope they make a series soon. also, the love team of shun and ruriko is very entertaining. i also liked the ending. though not the ending that i would call excellent, it is very good in its own ways.
  • A guy that finds out he has a special power called the gate when this giant ball comes trying to crush him he uses the gate power and defeats the ball he then finds out that the girl was his friend when he was a child more gatekeepers are to be found.

    this show was really cool it is one of my favorite. i started watching this show when i accedently found it on my summer vacation i watched it and thought it was kool i started downloading on the computer and watched it for hours my parents got mad at me but i stil couldnt stop watching i watched 2 hours a day i only watched the 24 episodes it is very short and i am waiting for a sequal i hope they make more i introduced this show to my friends and they liked it too if you are reading this review WATCH this show it is the best
  • this anime is alittle hard to fallow you really have to pay attention.

    It takes place in the Japan of the 1960s when the economy was booming and the future looked so bright. Unknown to the world's general population Earth has been invaded by aliens who can take human form. To combat this menace is an international secret agency called A.E.G.I.S. (Alien Exterminating Global Intercept System). One of their hidden bases is under Tategami High School. Their special agents have the "Gate" power, the ability to open a doorway to another dimension to gain a super ability. One of them is high school girl Ruriko who has the the unfortunate nickname of Rurippe which means runny-nose. The story generally has a monster-of-the-week and we usually see something that was very new in the 1960s like the bullet train in each episode. Ruri is the star of the show but we pick up new team members as the series progresses. The series is good because the writers take the time to explore the background of the various individuals involved. There is even one episode where we learn the sad story about one of the Invaders.
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