Gavin and Stacey

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode One

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2007 on BBC Three
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Meet Gavin And Stacey. They've spoken on the phone for six months but never actually met until Stacey travels from Wales to London to meet Gavin. Gavin turns up with Smithy who is skeptical about the whole thing and Stacey's mate Nessa who couldn't care either way, to be honest, and is more concerned about a night out.moreless

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  • Meet Gavin & Stacey !

    Well for a first episode it was VERY intresting !! I absoulty love this series ! after the 1st 5 minutes i was hooked !! Matther horne (Catherine tate) was great as the role of Gavin and joanna page ( love actually) as stacey is WOW.and god dont even get me started on Ruth Jones as nessa ! god that womans GREAT. anyway all in all this was a great way to start the series and the rest just gets better and better (im writing this after the whole series has been screened) its just great. its so funny and if you dislike it, you are a plain idiot.moreless

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    • Nessa: A'right Stace, how'd you wanna do this?
      Stacey: Well we'll have this bed, you have that one, switch the lights off and get on with it.
      Nessa: Right.
      Gavin: Oh hang on are you serious? 'Cause those beds are like, two feet apart.
      Smithy: I don't give a shit.
      Gavin: I just feel a little bit uncomfortable.
      Smithy: Okay, okay. As a mate, we'll go in the en suite.

    • Dave: Smoking? Yeah. My motto is, "fags and weed, glue and speed, but I draws the line at crack."" That way, everyone knows where they stand.
      Stacey: Ahh, fair play.

    • Smithy: This is a nightmare of epic proportions.
      Gavin: (about Nessa) What's wrong with her?
      Smithy: A how old is it, B have you seen the tattoo and three, look at the size of it.
      Gavin: What do you mean?
      Smithy: She's massive.

    • Stacey: Oh, my god. What you doing here?
      Gavin: I said I'd see you soon, Didn't I ? What's up ?
      Stacey: Nothing
      Gavin: What
      Stacey: It's stupid
      Gavin: Stace?
      Stacey: It's just...I told myself if I ever saw you again, in the flesh, like, that I...
      Gavin: What?
      Stacey: ..That I'd tell you something. But I can't
      Nessa: Oh, Stace! I'm going for a curry with Dave. I'll call you tomorrow.
      Gavin: If you say it, I'll say it back.
      Stacey: I love you.
      Gavin: I love you, too.
      (Stacey jumps on Gavin in the excitment her rape alarm goes off)
      Gavin: What's that?
      Stacey: Just my rape alarm

    • Smithy: You got any johnnies? I ain't goin in there bareback

      Gavin: We'll have to stop at a garage on the way

      Smithy: Are you in ?

      Gavin: I think so.

      Both Quality!

      Smithy: We'll have to make a stop, girls

      Stacey: What for?

      Gavin:Well, We might have to, erm...get some...

      Nessa:Don't worry, I got a stash. Ribbed.

      Smithy: Taxi !

    • Smithy: All right ?
      Gavin: Been powdering your nose
      Nessa: Aw, Thanks, Stace. Thanks alot.
      Stacey: What?
      Nessa: Let's get one thing straight. I don't touch that **** no more, all right? I did, and now I don't. So let that been an end to it.

    • Doris: Hiya stacey.
      Stacey: All right, Doris. How's the leg?
      Doris: Oh, love, I wish they'd cut the bugger off.
      Stacey: Oh, you don't mean that.
      Doris: Oh, yes, I do. You hand me the axe, I'll do it myself. You still going up london then, on your blind date?
      Stacey: Well it's not really a blind date. We've been talking on the phone for six months, just haven't met in the flesh like.
      Doris: What time you off?
      Stacey: First thing. Dave's coaches. Cacking myself, I am.
      Doris: Stace love you've got to chill out. The thing to remember is, don't go giving him nothing on the first night.
      Stacey: Really?
      Doris: Well, no, not nothing. A kiss, a cuddle, a cheeky finger. Just don't go selling him the whole farm.
      Stacey: Oh thanks, Dor.
      Doris: See you, love.

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