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  • a new kind of relationship comedy

    a warm and funny sitcom
  • This is one of the worst series I ever had a chance to watch. A complete waste of time. Rude people. No character, no charisma. Not funny at all. Complete rubbish. I do not understand how this was ever nominated for any award. A shame for British Tv.

    This is one of the worst series I ever had a chance to watch. A complete waste of time. Rude people. No character, no charisma. Not funny at all. Complete rubbish. I do not understand how this was ever nominated for any award. A shame for British Television. The worst part is to be forced to watch the add, about the Christmas special, going on at every commercial break. The chubby character yelling "It's Christmas!" is so anoying it makes me feel like shooting the TV set. The show lacks plots, timing, gags, emotion, motion, meaning, acting... everything! No reason for spending loads of money with annoying shows.
  • Typical UK Rubbish.

    How did this win adwards??? Not remotely funny and another example of how unfunny the British really are and how bad of a job the people are in charge of the TV industry. The one episode I saw was so bad that I think I ranted about it for ages trying to find someone to point out any funny scenes in. This is just another reminder of how bad British TV is and I feel ripped off by paying over a £100 a year for a TV Licence to have rubbish like this as a choice to watch.

    Also we should blame the newspaper and magazines for there silly reviews saying its a great show. Lets hope that when it does come to an end that it stays that way.
  • An Absolute Legend of A Series. Love The Characters, And The Plot. utter Classic.

    Gavin and stacey is an absolutly amazing series. i was glued to the tv whenever it was on. It was very cleverly written and was witty, intelegent and very funny. The characters we're lovable & the story line was very funny. The programme apealled to many people i though. it had humor for the children, the witty comments for the adults, and there were a few comments and characters who the older generation could relate to. i thought it was hilariously funny, but it was like a real life story. it was like watching an actuall modern day family. it was hust utterly amazing. i woukd recomend it to everyone. absolute classic.
  • Gavin & Stacey is all about a young couple who meet, fall in love and get married and it shows their relationship with each other and their family and friends. Its comedy genius!

    Gavin & Stacey is one of the best comedy tv series to have been made in the last 20 years. As far as I am concerned it is on a par with Only Fools and Horses. I absoloutely love the characters, my faves are Nessa and Uncle Bryn but they are all so believable and hilarious! It is very honest and realistic with all the ups and downs of normal family life as we all know it! I love the way they portray Gavin & Smithys friendship and Nessa and her colourful past! It is cult British Comedy at its best!
  • Wonderfully original comedy that has deservedly (and finally) made its way to BBC One.

    Along with much of the UK – we only discovered Gavin and Stacey when it made its way over to BBC One. And we're glad we did. This show is wonderfully quirky, very very amusing and yet oddly touching. The cast is excellent, with Rob Brydon in particular turning in an outstanding performance as the "Sexuality in Question" Uncle Bryn. Ruth Jones from Little Britain co-writes and delivers the most brilliant straight-faced Nessa. While the "Essex Boys" may make you cringe – look out for "Who ordered Chinese?!" – they are instantly likeable. The tale twists and turns, and as ridiculous as some of the scenes may be – I think everyone who watches will have moments of "I've done that" and "I've been there"… Worth the box-set if you missed it on TV.
  • A winning combination from James and Ruth

    Ruth Jones and James Cordon have created a winning combination of funny yet believable characters with a can't wait for next week plot.
    All the acors (including James and Ruth themselves) make their characters come to life and as a viewer I truly warmed to them. This is a sit' com' that not only makes you laugh out loud and occasionly cry; Gavin and Stacey contains some great dramatic performances from its convincing cast. I think that an American version might be in the pipeline which can only be a good thing, I'd love to see Gavin, Stacey, Smithy and Nessa transferred to the USA.
  • A brilliant British Comedy !

    Gavin & Stacey is one of the best comedies to ever come from Britain.

    I have to put my hand on my heart and admit that at first I wasn't sure that I was going to like this show, as I normally don't like British TV, let alone British comedy. But as it turned out, I love this show. It has brilliant writing, fantastic acting and brilliant sayings such as "Tidy" and "What's occurring". This show captures the Welsh comedy brilliantly and there is never a minute of boredom within any episode. Each episode is different and funnier than the episode before it, but still has a main story line running through it, the relationship and love between Gavin & Stacey. Overall this is a brilliant show, which is one not to be missed.
  • Gavin and Stacey is one of the sweetest and funniest shows I've ever watched.

    1) The characters. Each is so real, so believeable and so unique they all deserve praise.
    2) Nessa "Shanessa" Jenkins. Firstly, what a middle name! That was revealed in the last episode and it cracked me up so much, just because her names rhyme and I love Rhymes. Nessa in general is great because she has a love for wales (including a tattoo of the welsh dragon on her arm). This also includes her strong accent, the fact that she is still on Barry Island and her general phrases (but I'll come to that later). I also love the fact that she has slept with pretty much everyone in the country. The list includes (smithy of course), John Prescott and even the whole of GLC. She has a love of life and a love of the welsh language. She also knows a lot about everything completely random. She has some strange fettishes and is not afraid to talk about them, especially with Stacey whom she is a great friend towards. She is honest and truthful (I won't lie to you, no word of a lie). She also has many jobs and we don't even know her age, that is a great mystery about her. She has lived life and we don't know a lot about her and as much as we want to I am happy not knowing so many things. She is also a great singer and I loved it when she sang at Gwen's party as well as when she was at work singing with Bryn. She loves food and in particular Gwen's Omlettes . She is just made of awesome in so many ways
    3) smithy is a strange and rather big headed character. But I seem to adore him so. He is rude and doesn't take Gavin's marriage too seriously as he is jealous of loosing his best friend to a girl. This just makes him act like an idiot at times but it also makes him all the more human. His relationship with Gavla! Is a beautiful one as all he ever wants to do is spend time with him, drink a beer and be his best friend. He May be rude to many people at the best of times but his speech in the car in the last episode was not only sweet, caring and moving, but it was also Smithy in his full glory. I adore his love/hate relationship with Nessa and I know it will never really happen but I seriously want him to get together. He has tried his best at being there to prepare for the baby. I also love how he has thought about her - like last week looking at the pregnant woman. He was also detirmined to get to the birth of his child and had already made so many plans about it's upbringing and whilst being a bit rude about it, he does care and love. Also the kiss on the forehead to Nessa at the end of the episode - I could read into that so much but he really does love her. He also (like Nessa), loves food and a bit of romance. They have a lot in common and it's clear that everything about them is meant to be. He also has a beautiful smile but I May talk about that more later.
    4) Pamela! Oh my goodness she is a typical mother and she's from Essex and just too wonderful for words. She is a little lazy and leaves things to Mick, she also gets nervous and always longs to please and impress. So much so that she lied about being a vegetarian and even when she was rumbled she still stuck to the lie for the sake of everyone else. She has a wonderful laugh and a great flirtation especially with Smithy even though you know it's just a laugh. She also has a love for Charles and camilla which is odd but fantastic and brilliantly funny all the same. Sadly, this didn't seem to be emphasised much in the second series. Pam and her family in general also love singing, and her and mick sing to each other which shows that their love is still alive between them. She speaks her mind and she is very irrational at the best of times but it makes for good comedy as well as plot progression every now and then. She is just such a funny and fantastic woman.
    5) Mick, well he's a lot more quiet then Pam but he still has a heavy role in the film. He settles the balance of conflicting characters in Essex as the calm one of the family. He loves Pam and his son gavin, as well as golf. He is kind and looks after Stacey as well as his own family as best that he can. He stays in the background more then most but he adds to the comedy more as it's his subtle actions that create great comedy.
    6) Bryn, what a character! He is so sweet and has a great love for technology. I love his mention of random things, like how he brought a 60GB i-pod even though he only went in for a nono. His facination with maps and his sat-nav even though he barely goes beyond Barry. He also loves face book - I love the mention of facebook with the old people - like Doris next door who kept rejecting that man haha! And his discovery of "The YOU Tube" as he calls it. He has a good heart and likes to do the best for his family and friends. His reading of his brother's letter to Stacey on her wedding day was beautiful and his new found friendship with smithy is highly amusing. Also the camp factor of his character. It's never said that he is but it is clear from many references and scenes such as the gym. His musical tastes (James Blunt lol!) and his obession with brokeback mountain. He is a great uncle to have and a lovely character.
    7) Gwen. Well the thing I love most about her is she is constantly wearing an apron and cooking Omlettes! It gives me cravings for one everytime I watch it, I've eaten a lot more omlettes since the first time I watched this. She is a sweet mother and clearly just wants best for her only child. She tries not to be too judgemental but can totally hold her own when she needs to.
    8) gavin. His overuse of the word "babe" has to be the first thing that I think of really. It's so Essex boy and I love it. He is caring and considerate of Stacey more then anything in the world. His friendship with Smithy is great and his male friends that were at the stag do were too funny especially fingers and chinese Alan "anyone order a chinese" I love how him and smithy have a robot dance, and they constantly sing together (As do most of the characters come to think of it) and their relationship although purely a friendship it's clearly verging on romantic if they were not two males. He is an Essex boy through and through but one of the best, he is kind and sweet even if he doesn't always consider what stacey wants (like where to live and stuff). He is a good bloke and if I met someone who was like him I think I would be more then happy with them
    9) stacey. Well she is well lush! She is so down to earth and I love how she talks about how she had to tell her mum when she had her first brunch. She is simple but not in the fact that she is stupid but that she likes the simple things that I love too. Like watching loose women. She loves her friends and family and her home. She is a sweet girl who just falls in love. She makes me smile with her simple presence. She May be indecisive sometimes but she is clearly trying to make sure she gets things right. She is simply wonderful and loves Gavin and Nessa and her whole family.
    10) Rudi. She hasn't been in it much but she deserves her own mention because when she is in it she's too funny for words. She is pratically the definition of an Essex girl (Chav) and she plays it so well. Her relationship with her brother Smithy is brilliant as it is exactly how you could see a brother and sister acting sometimes. Like their fights. They also have an amazing hand shake that I will have to learn one day. She works in a burger bar and she speak to her friends in the funniest way "you're dead to me, thanks for stabbing me in the heart yeah! I never did nothing with him, and you ain't even with him anywayz" Sherridan Smith plays that role to perfection and for such a small role she makes a big impression on the show. Hopefully we will see more of her in the christmas sepcial.
    11) The language. It is so very welsh and essex based language which is part of what makes the show what it is - their catchphrases. You have Gavin's "I love you babe", Stacey's "that is well lush" Gwen's "I can cook you an omlette?" and Nessa's phrases which I love to quote all the time. I think I should maybe stop as I'm going to turn welsh if I keep going but then again I loves it so I'm not going to stop. So to name a few: "OH OH OH! What's occurring?" "alrigh' Stace How's it goin'" "where too she now?" "Tidy" "I won't lie to you" "No word of a lie" "Cheers stace" the language is so fitting in both Essex and Wales and fits perfectly into the show making it all the more perfect.
    12) the writers. Ruth Jones and James Cordon are both lovely and sweet people. They are best friends and that's how they make great comedy
    13) The simpleness. There is not complicated plot, there is not affairs or murders. There is no major drama, it's just a simple story about two people who fall in love. That love makes the lives of others fall into place and the rest just follows. It makes the perfect show because it's not trying to confuse you or scare you or anything like that. It is what it is and it's a simple as that. The love of the two main character, the love/hate relationship between the two sub characters and then the parents and how their lives have changed because of gavin and Stacey. That is it and that's what makes it perfect.
    14) The actors. Each one is well respected in their own right for their own thing. They do not try to be another actor, they each approach the role as they would if it was themselves saying those things. I have seen interviews and Jo really is Stacey and often Matt Horne can be like Gavin. The others define their characters and add their own touches to it. Each actor adds to the show and ties everything else into it. There is nobody else who I could see in these roles apart from the already exisitng cast. They all work so hard to get things right and they always do and it's always fantastic.
    15) The main focus of the show - Love. It sticks to this and nothing more. Despite all the sub plots from the other characters what it always boils down to is love. And the love that gavin and Stacey have is amazing, sweet and beautiful. This makes the show what it is and I love a good romance but often I get depressed by love stories as it makes me feel jealous. This show does make me want what Stacey has but in a good way. I feel jealous but the show doesn't make me angry, it makes me so very happy, it gives me hope and it is so wonderful its impossible not to love it and be glad you watched it.
    16) the music. The theme tune is a beautiful song and I have had to download it from i-tunes just to hear it again and again. It reminds me of the show and it fits with the tone and theme, making it perfect. The piano is just beautiful and is a clear resembelence of love. The music within the show is perfect too. They use snow patrol a LOT, a band which I totally adore and admire. The songs fit perfectly to the show i.e you could be happy at the end of episode 6 and Chasing cars on the wedding episode was just beautiful and makes the show all the more emotional. Music is key to my life and therefore it needs to be key to the show. It sets the tone and the mood and the lyrics often need to match the feelings of the main characters by saying what does not need to be said by them. The music is the icing on the cake making a perfect show all the more perfect.
  • gavlar and smithstar are the best!!!!

    gavin and stacey is one of the best and funniest british comedys around!!!! All the characters are funny in their own way, nessa with her sayings 'no word of a lie', 'whats occuring', and daft stories, bryn trying to be young with all the latest technology, pam always in a frenzy about something and always gossiping, but smithy is def my fave! I love smithy, he is so funny and sexy!!!! The best bit of all the episodes has got to be when gavin and smithy are in the hospital and they slip and fall along the corrider, it was hilarous!!!! overall an excellent written series by ruth and james