Gavin and Stacey

Season 2 Episode 2

Season Two, Episode Two

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 2008 on BBC Three



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    • Nessa: I'm gonna fire her up and get on the road Gwen. There's no need for us to convoy anyway I'm stopping off at Heston to see Ozzy and some of the Stowbart boys.
      Gwen: Right, well should we join you there ?
      Nessa: No, truckers only I'm afraid.

    • (Pam try's to secretly eat a sausage)
      Mick: What are you doing?
      Pam: I want some meat so I've got to eat it now cause when that lot come in I'll be on them disgusting veggie sausages. It's like eating cardboard.
      Mick: Why don't you just tell them you're not a vegetarian anymore?
      (Gwen and Nessa walk in, Pam throws the rest of the sausage behind her)

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    • Nessa: I've already spoken to Noel. He said, "Wherever I go, whatever I do, he's gonna be there, pure and simple."

      This is the chorus from the band Hear'say's biggest hit Pure and Simple.

      Hear'say were the first reality show band from the series Popstars.