Gavin and Stacey

Season 2 Episode 4

Series Two Episode Four

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2008 on BBC Three
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Episode Summary

Gavin and Stacey start househunting while Mick becomes a minor celebrity for the night. Nessa vists Stacey taking her bowling while tension between the newlyweds starts to bubble over

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      • Smithy: Do you want that corn on the cob ?

        Nessa: Is that a euphemism ?

        Smithy: What ? No, i'm just saying there's one corn on the cob left and you can have it.(Smithy looks up realising what Nessa is suggesting) If you want it.

        Nessa: Do you want me to have it ?

        Smithy: I can see the benefits of having it. I'd just be worried how you or I would feel after having it

        Nessa: Make's no odds to me as it goes. If I have it, it'll be a nice addition to the meal. If I don't then im pretty full up already. Question is Smithy, Do you want the corn on the cob ?

        Smithy: Don't get me wrong, When I look at it there all hot and dripping in butter just inviting me in, I've got a real hankering for it

        Nessa: Like a real need

        Smithy: Mmmmm, But I'd just be worried that if i ate it tonight, I'd be expected to eat it more frequently

        Nessa: I wouldn't worry about that if i was you. Corn on the cob is a once in a blue moon treat as far as im concerned, which once eaten will soon be forgotten and won't be mentioned ever again... to anyone.

        Smithy: Well that's good to know

        (Nessa picks up the corn on the cob and starts to lick it, She put's it under smithys nose)

        Smithy: Oh god.. (Smithy starts to lick the corn) Uhhhh...

        Nessa: So.. shall we ?

        Smithy: Yeah

      • Smithy: (From roof of flats) Gavlar.. Up here

        Stacey: Hiya!

        Smithy: Alright you pair of pricks?

        Gavin: Alright.

        Smithy: What you doing here ?

        Gavin: Come to look at a flat

        Deano: Gavin-lar.

        Gavin: Deano. Not met Stace have ya?

        Stacey: No.

        Deano: Yeah. Oh no we haven't actually met but I saw a photo of you, you where wearing a white dress.. Standing outside a church? I think it might have been someones wedding?

        Gavin: Yeah proably.

        Stacey: So what are you two actually doing up there?

        Deano: Fitting a satellite.

        Smithy: You know us Stace, satisfaction (Deano Joins in) With every erection (Smithy does humping motion)

        Deano: Not that he's been satisfying anyone with his erection lately, absoultly gagging for it. How many did you shift out last night?

        Smithy: Shut up.. I wasn't doing...

        Gavin: Four wasn't it? Sent me a text saying he'd cracked 4 out in under 2 hours.

        Smithy: I'm sorry Stace, This is not meant for the delicate ears of a young lady like yourself.

        Stacey: Don't worry about it, I'm just the same. Being at home doing nothing. It just passes the time, like yesterday I had 3 just watching 'Cash in the attic' I think its lush. So your still alright to pick Ness up aren't you?

        Gavin: Yeah...

        Stacey: And we thought we'd go bowling or something.

        Smithy: Bowling ARR. Who's idea was that? her's?

        Gavin: Oh come on it will be a laugh.

        Stacey: Yeah she love's it.

        Smithy: She'd nothing to do with me. She's not my girlfriend or anything

        Gavin: Well you are the father of her child.

        Smithy: Yes im the father of her child, doesn't mean i have to like her

        Gavin: You coming Deano?

        Deano: Bowling? nah..

        Smithy & Deano: Scared of the shoes.

        Gavin: Come one were gonna be late.

        Stacey: See ya!

        Smithy: On the moro young gallahad

        Deano: How bout' here getting her 5-a-day.

        Smithy: That's the welsh for you mate. Filth, the lot of em'

      • Nessa: He'll have spoken to them for atleast 15 minutes if not half an hour.

        Bryn: What makes you say that?

        Nessa: Well when I was news producing for the BBC that was the golden rule, you had to cover every base, leave no stone unturned. Kate Adie used to moan about it all the time in the end I had to say to her "Oh Kate Adie, your the face, i'm the brains. Now get on with it." She was very diffcult.

        Gwen: Horrible woman

        All: Selfish

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