Gay, Straight or Taken?

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    • Traveler Seeks Adventurer
      Traveler Seeks Adventurer
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Stephanie, who is a 25 year old, is a clothing sales rep when she's on the clock and a globe-trotter when she's not. Hawaii, the south of France, and Greece are among her best-loved spots in the world — right now. Since she considers herself an explorer, they might not top her list for long. To pique the interest of this self-proclaimed "sassy" girl who loves The Notebook, Snow Patrol and shopping, a man needs to have personality, spontaneity and a taste for adventure.

      Which of the following guys is the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Zac Age: 28 Occupation: Fitness model Description of Self: Fun, outgoing, driven Hobbies: Snowboarding, mountain biking

      Name: Damien Age: 30 Occupation: Actor Description of Self: Spontaneous, fun loving, outgoing Hobbies: Painting and traveling

      Name: Ryan Age: 23 Occupation: Actor, model Description of Self: Unique, irreplaceable, witty Hobbies: Going to the movies, wine tastingmoreless
    • Smarty-Pants Seeks Funny Guy
      Smarty-Pants Seeks Funny Guy
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Jenner describes herself as being "hilarious smarty-pants". She wants a man with sense of humor, that is able to make her laugh, and that is able to love her mom (but to focus just on her). She works in real estate, and likes sports, kids, and guys with tats.

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Christopher Age: 35 Birth Place: Stockbridge, MI, Occupation: Actor Description of Self: Optimistic, bad speller, frugal Hobbies: Archery, reading

      Name: Mike Age: 25 Birth Place: Three Lakes, WI, Occupation: House painter, promoter Description of Self: Fun, spontaneous, energetic Hobbies: Working out, reading

      Name: Luciano Age: 32 Birth Place: Mandeville, LA, Occupation: Bartender Description of Self: Charming, competitive, loyal Hobbies: Basketball, working outmoreless
    • Book Lover Seeks Evolved Man
      Book Lover Seeks Evolved Man
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Elizabeth, who is a typical 23 year old California woman, has a busy life juggling jobs as an actor, server and bartender. Her ideal guy is an animal owner who's far from animal himself: Excessive body hair and alpha-male bravado are for the dogs; she likes her guys well-spoken and witty. Elizabeth, who's an avid reader, had her most memorable first date at a bookstore, where she and the guy read each other favorite passages from books they enjoyed.

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Jim Age: 23 Occupation: Political consultant Description of self: Spontaneous, ambitious, driven Hobbies: Playing basketball, tennis, volleyball and Monopoly

      Name: Mark Age: 27 Occupation: Comedian Description of self: Silly, stupid, smart Hobbies: Yoga, reading biographies, people watching

      Name: Tyler Age: 23 Occupation: Financial consultant Description of self: Charming, intelligent, adventurous Hobbies: Playing basketball; spending time with my kitten, Niko; dancingmoreless
    • Artsy Girl Seeks Witty Guy
      Artsy Girl Seeks Witty Guy
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Jilina wants a guy with confidence and fresh breath. She likes to travel to Europe (she flew to Paris on a first date). She is a 24-year-old artist, and likes sports and the movie Spaceballs.

      Which of the following guys is the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Victor Age: 30 Occupation: Interior Designer Description of Self: "No Comment" Hobbies: Scuba diving, working on cars

      Name: Ayo Age: 28 Occupation: Decorator Description of Self: Loving, respectful, funny Hobbies: Movies, traveling

      Name: Calen Age: 29 Occupation: University Administrator Description of Self: Witty, a little bit geeky, enjoyable Hobbies: Mountain biking, hikingmoreless
    • Rising Star Seeks the Full Package
      Kara, who is a 28-year-old nanny and actress, is looking for the full package: sense of humor, intelligence and good looks. Her hobbies range from creating art and attending the theater to camping, hiking and skiing — and if she can pursue those pastimes in Europe or Hawaii, all the better. Though she considers herself open-minded, she won't tolerate arrogance, stupidity or rudeness.

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Ryan Age: 25 Occupation: Model, actor Description of self: Fun, outgoing, personable Hobbies: Working out, running, any sports-related activity

      Name: Nick Age: 27 Occupation: Trainer Description of self: Gregarious, funny, smart Hobbies: Cycling, rock climbing, racing cars

      Name: Robert Age: 29 Occupation: Actor Description of self: Outgoing, funny, intelligent Hobbies: Brazilian jujitsumoreless
    • Lively Gal Seeks Athletic Guy
      Lively Gal Seeks Athletic Guy
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Marisa is a "spirited" girl who calls herself eclectic, and her tastes show it: She listens to everything from Sade to Jay-Z, Lenny Kravitz to Green Day, and her hobbies include dancing, paintball and karate. Ignorance and stupidity get her goat. But introduce her to a guy with humor, intelligence and a firm, athletic bod, and she's putty.

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Tony Age: 33 Occupation: Legal Assistant Description of self: Eclectic, leader, goofy Hobbies: Working out, working on cars, shopping

      Name: Ezra Age: 27 Occupation: Model, actor, investor Description of self: Ambitious, liberal, adventurous Hobbies: Basketball

      Name: Yaacov Age: 28 Occupation: Personal Trainer Description of self: Passive, aggressive Hobbies: Sports, watching movies and TVmoreless
    • Reader-Hiker Seeks Regular Joe
      Reader-Hiker Seeks Regular Joe
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Tiffany, who is a Californian actress, who describes herself as "loyal" and "exciting," is looking for a guy with sex appeal (and who doesn't have more hair products than her!). Her pastimes include reading, hiking and listening to Dave Matthews and OutKast. Other things that float her boat? The movies "Stella" and hot spots Miami and Greece.

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Michael Age: 24 Occupation: Server Description of self: Funny, good-looking and outgoing Hobbies: Fishing, snowboarding

      Name: Nic Age: 24 Occupation: Business owner, actor Description of self: Dedicated, strong, with-it Hobbies: Playing football, riding my motorcycle, hanging with my dog

      Name: Anthony Age: 27 Occupation: Realtor, actor Description of self: Friendly, confident, energetic Hobbies: Watching moviesmoreless
    • Go-Getter Seeks Considerate Man
      Go-Getter Seeks Considerate Man
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Elle, who is twenty nine, considers herself a mover and shaker, Her favorite movies are Center Stage and Fame. She's looking to be swept off her feet by a "thoughtful, somewhat romantic" guy with a killer smile. And her potential dates have a high bar set for them: Elle's fondest first-date memory is of a guy who helped her cook dinner at her place, then, after the date ended, returned with a long-stem rose and a "thank you."

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Barry Age: 37 Occupation: Marketing professional Description of self: Open, honest, fun Hobbies: Creating fun

      Name: Tom Age: 28 Occupation: Self-employed Description of self: Outgoing, perceptive Hobbies: Fashion design, running

      Name: Albert Age: 26 Occupation: High school teacher Description of self: Outgoing, nice, fun Hobbies: Playing softball, working out, runningmoreless
    • Nature Lover Seeks Mr. Nice Guy
      Nature Lover Seeks Mr. Nice Guy
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Casey is a 25-year-old model whose ultimate turn-offs are body odor and a bad attitude. Her turn-ons? The usual: beautiful eyes, intelligence and a sense of humor. The outdoorsy type, Casey surfs, snowboards and camps, and she claims her first impressions are usually spot-on. Guess we'll see about that!

      Which of the following guys is the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Andrew Age: 32 Occupation: Financial analyst Description of Self: Personable, outgoing, funny Hobbies: Running, reading, rowing

      Name: Brandon Age: 26 Occupation: Model, actor, bartender/server Description of Self: Motivated, curious, loyal Hobbies: Mammoth and Big Bear mountains, CA

      Name: John Age: 35 Occupation: Freelance artist Description of Self: Positive, energetic, inspiring Hobbies: Surfing, making musicmoreless
    • Music Lover Seeks Artist
      Music Lover Seeks Artist
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Tauvia, is a 34-year-old cocktail waitress. She hates jocks, height-challenged guys and men who are obsessed with politics need not apply for her heart. She's banking on an artistic gentleman who's willing to laugh at himself. Since seeing live shows, hunting for vinyl and listening to tunes are among her favorite things to do, a love of music is an absolute must.

      Which of the following guys is the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Darren Age: 35 Occupation: Bartender Description of Self: Humorous, romantic, competitive Hobbies: Hiking, playing tennis and soccer, hanging with friends.

      Name: Jake Age: 35 Occupation: Videographer Description of Self: Fun, tall, English Hobbies: Motorcycle riding, watching movies, hiking

      Name: Anthony Age: 35 Occupation: Model Description of Self: Exuberant, spontaneous, outgoing Hobbies: Swimming, working out, socializingmoreless
    • Singular Girl Seeks Intellectual
      Singular Girl Seeks Intellectual
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      Harmonie, who is a 28 year old, wants a leading man with the talent and will to be more than a cog in the machine. Ambition and intellect top this "unique" woman's list of wants. But she fully believes in breaks from the mental taxation of the daily grind too — to dance, work out and visit steamy islands for some tropical fun.

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Justin Age: 25 Occupation: IT consultant Description of self: Fun-loving, outgoing, sweet Hobbies: Working out, traveling, surfing, snowboarding

      Name: Todd Age: 35 Occupation: Theme park ride designer Description of self: Creative, adventurous, dependable, kindhearted but tough Hobbies: Scuba diving, mountain biking, swimming, playing tennis and golf

      Name: Greg Age: 24 Occupation: Waiter Description of self: Gregarious, caring and funny Hobbies: Surfing, playing golf and volleyballmoreless
    • Straight Arrow Seeks Upright Guy
      Straight Arrow Seeks Upright Guy
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Victoria, who is a 25-year-old freelance writer and model, is a goal-oriented, independent woman who admits to being a touch self-absorbed. When she directs her attention to men, she's turned on by intelligent charmers, but ultimately this churchgoer is looking for a clean-cut "Christian man with integrity, character…a good heart."

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Will Age: 24 Occupation: Sales associate Description of self: Humorous, charismatic, silly, sexy Hobbies: Fishing, partying

      Name: Reggie Age: 27 Occupation: Actor, bartender Description of self: Ambitious, intelligent, hilarious Hobbies: Playing PlayStation 2, weight training

      Name: Darrell Age: 29 Occupation: Business manager Description of self: Spontaneous, analytical, flexible Hobbies: Hiking, surfing, readingmoreless
    • Free Spirit Seeks Impulsive Mate
      Free Spirit Seeks Impulsive Mate
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      Amy, age 28, describes herself as magnetic. She likes to sew, do yoga, and dance and gives high marks to men who can roll with the punches. Anyone who can't? You'll never get her attention.

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Elden Age: 28 Occupation: Personal trainer Description of self: Ambitious, dedicated, loyal Hobbies: Working out, playing tennis and golf, bowling

      Name: Erin Age: 27 Occupation: Carpenter Description of self: Fun, friendly and spontaneous Hobbies: Snowboarding, playing basketball, watching movies

      Name: Marco Age: 27 Occupation: Commercial real estate agent Description of self: Confident and sexy Hobbies: Swimming, hikingmoreless
    • Good-Time Gal Seeks Adonis
      Good-Time Gal Seeks Adonis
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Susie, who is a 25 year old amateur painter and ceramicist, like skiing and "Sleepless in Seattle," and describes herself as fun and outgoing. She's in the market for a confident, athletic non-wimp, and for her, size and looks matter: The first things the 25-year-old notices about a guy? If he's big and tall, has broad shoulders and is good looking.

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Patrick Age: 25 Occupation: Set design and production assistant Description of self: Creative, fun, an enigma Hobbies: Performing magic, writing poetry, journaling, painting

      Name: Ryan Age: 26 Occupation: Description of self: Optimistic, leader, overachiever, kindhearted but tough Hobbies: Hiking, working out

      Name: Kristoffer Age: 26 Occupation: Student and promotional marketer Description of self: Playful, empathetic, intelligent Hobbies: Baking, cooking, playing guitar, snowboardingmoreless
    • Sweet Girl Seeks Sociable Guy
      Sweet Girl Seeks Sociable Guy
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Robyn, who is 28 years old, is a cafe server who claims to be a laidback people person who's looking for someone to have a good time with. Her perfect date includes a motorcycle ride up the coast followed by a viewing of the sunset, with a beer in hand. The guy she'd choose to ride with: One who's tall, dark and free of facial hair.

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Brandon Age: 28 Occupation: Self-employed, personal trainer Description of self: Optimistic, leader, overachiever, kindhearted but tough Hobbies: Doing sudoku puzzles and reading self-improvement books

      Name: David Age: 27 Occupation: Health-club worker Description of self: Fun, happy, witty, easygoing, kindhearted but tough Hobbies: Anything active and social

      Name: Jerry Age: 35 Occupation: Scientist Description of self: Gregarious, passionate, positive, dedicated, kindhearted but tough Hobbies: Playing rugby, surfing, snowboardingmoreless
    • "Joyful" Model Seeks Dancer
      "Joyful" Model Seeks Dancer
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      A joyful person by her own admission, Sherial, 24, takes pleasure in singing, drawing, reading and boxing. She listens to Stevie Wonder, Coldplay and Lauryn Hill, and likes funny guys who are great dancers and dressers (bonus points if they wear a peacoat). Among the first things she notices about men are their grooming and demeanor, yet if both reel her in, then the guy tells a corny joke, she'll be off on her merry way.

      Which of the following guys is the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Vince Age: 25 Occupation: Actor, security guard Description of Self: Confident, honest, loyal Hobbies: Playing basketball and other sports

      Name: Jay Age: 29 Occupation: High school tutor Description of Self: Great, fun, fantastic Hobbies: Playing sports, drinking wine, reading books

      Name: Christian Age: 30 Occupation: Law student Description of Self: Loyal, sarcastic, adventurous Hobbies: Hiking, camping, horseback riding, sailingmoreless
    • Songwriter Seeks Sincere Guy
      Songwriter Seeks Sincere Guy
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Sunny is both thoughtful and gentle. The actress, who also enjoys songwriting, traveling, and scuba diving, tries her best to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But watch out because, if you treat her wrongly, you'll be sure to see her bad side.

      Which one of the following will be the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Adam Age: 27 Occupation: Professional football player Description of self: Athletic, outgoing, understanding Hobbies: Playing tennis and golf

      Name: Matt Age: 28 Occupation: Programming coordinator Description of self: Hot, healthy, smart Hobbies: Playing drums, exercising

      Name: Eric Age: 34 Occupation: Motivational trainer Description of self: Fun, outgoing, playful, kindhearted but tough Hobbies: Surfing, snowboarding, hiking, trail runningmoreless
    • Energetic Gal Seeks Family Man
      Energetic Gal Seeks Family Man
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Jackie, 22, is a fan of antique shopping, exotic beaches and Patsy Cline. Men who make perverted comments or are super-smooth won't get far with this Arizona-based aesthetician, whose eyes are on a more wholesome prize: a funny, adventurous man who gets along with his family.

      Which of the following guys is the gay, straight or taken?

      Name: Alejandro Age: 30 Occupation: Student, actor Description of Self: Fun, honest, great friend Hobbies: Playing soccer, working out, going to bars

      Name: Ric Age: 25 Occupation: Sales Description of Self: Energetic, charismatic, low-key Hobbies: Art

      Name: Stewart Age: 27 Occupation: Musician Description of Self: Spontaneous, outrageous, intelligent Hobbies: Playing softball, fishing, cookingmoreless