Season 1 Episode 4

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on ABC
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    GCB: Good Calculating, Bros!

    Let's break down the fourth, make-it-or-break-it episode of GCB episode scene by scene, and if it can rack up 75 arbitrarily assigned points, it's a pass!

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    When Carlene's Uncle Burl returns with his wife, Gigi throws them a homecoming party. Meanwhile Blake recruits Amanda to consult forCricketand Blake's denim line, while Pastor Tudor counsels Sharon and Zack, and Heather is after Burl's 500 acres of land for her client, Andrew.

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    • Funny! Really funny!

      There were a couple of absolutely hilarious one-lineres from Carlene in this one, such as her saying that there's only one man who acan od magic and he comes from Jerusalem and nto Hogwarts. That was a classic!

      There was also the first scenes, where she cut off the pocket of the shirt she deliberately messed up. She's just so hilarious!

      The sotrylien is good, without bein g too overwhelming, but I suppose the ending was done well and I enjoyed it.

      Keep it up, GCB!moreless

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    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Goof: At the end of the episode when Cricket and Blake discover Betsy on the ground she has a rib in her hand. Meanwhile, when Amanda and Gigi where sharing their secrets in the background Betsy is seen flailing her hands and they're both empty.

      • Goof: Gigi throws a costume party where everyone comes dressed as their favorite Texan and Pastor Tudor comes as Davy Crockett. Despite serving in the Texas Republican Army and dying at the Alamo, Davy Crockett was not a native Texan. He was born in Tennessee.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Carlene: Ooh! Denim! That probably does work good for you.
        Amanda: Why are you here? I mean, hi.
        Carlene: Rip was insisting we bury the hatchet. And he's always right. So I thought I'd bring chardonnay and a heart full of love thy neighbor.
        Amanda: Why can't no one remember that I don't drink anymore?
        Carlene: Oh, Amanda, Amanda, I never forget that you're an alcoholic. Chardonnay is my nail girl.
        Carlene: Char! Get in here!
        Chardonnay: Enchante!
        Carlene: I am giving you the gift of pedicure. After I saw your feet Sunday, I wanted you to be able to wear open toes shoes with confidence.

      • Blake: Excuse me ma'am, any chance I might squeeze in here?
        Amanda: I didn't realize I broke a commandment; thou shalt not wear slacks to church.

      • Will: (after a honk draws his attention to a fancy car)Who's that dude?
        Gigi: That is Carlene's uncle Burl. He's been gone for two years distributing millions of Bibles to folks in the third world countries.
        Laura: Oh, he's a missionary?
        Gigi: Well not exactly, he's been doing it from his yacht.

      • Landry: Check out the caboose on Laura Vaughn's momma!
        Carlene: Landry, watch the locker room language please. A bunular display like that is precisely why a lady never wears pants to church

      • Amanda: So sorry I'm late.
        Gigi: This is what you're wearing? Slacks to church?
        Amanda: Seriously? I think God just wants us to show up, I don't think he minds what we wear.
        Gigi: Well that's fine, unless you mind everybody thinking you're a lesbian.

      • Amanda: Have you ever been to California?
        Carlene: Last stop to the Apocalypse? No thanks.

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