Season 1 Episode 9

Adam & Eve's Rib

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2012 on ABC

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  • Good one!

    I have to agree that this wasn't the best one, but I'm loving this show so much that I still give it a ten! The characters - particularly Carlene - are just so funny! And there are so many laughs throughout!

    Nice to see Grant Bowler on the show! I must say that his southern accent ain't too bad! ;)

    Great episode, and I look forward to the finale!
  • 1.09 ''Adam & Eve's Rib''

    Hm, sometimes was off with this episode. It wasn't as entertaining as it usually is. I didn't like the BBQ teams storyline although it suits this show very much and especially Texas in question. But the ladies are not at the top of their games in this one, which is not their fault - it's just messy writing. The best scene of this episode was Zach and Sharon taking down that drunk guy together lol :) AND THAT S.O.B. LUKE IS OPERATING WITH RIPP !!!! RUN AMANDA, RUN!!! 7,0/10