Season 1 Episode 3

Love Is Patient

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 18, 2012 on ABC
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A church seminar make Amanda to confront herdaemons while Heather sets her eyes on Andrew. Meanwhile Carlene meddles in Sharon's and Cricket's marriages instead of resolving her own marital problems.

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  • Pretty hilarious!

    The character edevelopment on this episode was better, with an interesting storyline and development for Cricket in particular. The secens at the church singles group were executed to perfection, and were downright hilarious at times!

    Some great one-liners, the Texas Chilli Service phone call thing was hilarius as a previous reviewer pointed out, and I really enjoyed it all up!

    It's a promising show, and although it's gone, I think I'll enjoy what I have yet to see! :)moreless
  • Good, solid episode that added depth to the characters and story lines.

    - What a great episode, I love this show already. Its trashy, it always manages to be campy, funny and so over the top.

    - We are slowly getting some depth of character and the unspooling of story lines. I liked the fact that they are not dragging them out.

    - The Texas Council Culinary Hotline scene was hilarious.

    - Annie Potts is awesome.... We need more of her. I also like Cricket.

    - Bill being alive would be a great season finale cliffhanger. I just hated it as the episode ending, as it was sort of vague.

    - They have to work on Amanda, she's not very interesting.

    - have to say, I really like Blake and Cricket's relationship. The discussion in the bedroom at the end was so sweet. Now, I know he should not be closeted, she should be in a healthy relationship, etc but couples stay together for worse reasons and they clearly really respect each other. Besides, she spelled it out at the end of the episode: stating that not even her father really loved her (or something to that effect... she may be too fragile (or becuase of her daddy issues think she is) to trust herself even long enough to play the field and say she finds 'the real one' if she faced the issues that Carlene and Sharon have faced so far in the last 2 episodes she might crack completely


    the Texas Chili Council phone conversation was great, it made my day :)

    La pinata at the end was so much fun too ^-^

    Even though I don't think this is gonna last more than the 10 first episodes at least it's becoming almost pleasant unlike earlier episodes, hope it goes like this in the last episodes!!!
Tom Everett Scott

Tom Everett Scott

Andrew Remington

Guest Star

Tyler Jacob Moore

Tyler Jacob Moore

Rev. John Tudor

Guest Star

Sharon Wilkins

Sharon Wilkins

Bethany May

Guest Star

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    • Gigi: (after Amanda walks into the house with the pinata) What the heck is that?
      Amanda: This is Bill. Sort of, and by smashing it, it's supposed to set me free from him.
      Gigi: I'll get my putter.

    • Blake: Carlene has enough tongue for ten rows of teeth and she's gonna be wagging it all over town.

    • Pastor Tudour: Thank you ladies for your help with the landscape committee.
      Sharon: Well after your homily on volunteerism, the ladies and I decided to roll on up our sleeves and drive Juan, Feliciano and Jorge right on down here.

    • Carlene: Now, ladies and gentlemen, the Bible tells us that loves you just the way you are. But I'm here to tell you, he'd prefer you if you's married. Anyways, that is what we're trying to do. (circling the SIN from the word SINGLE on the white board) Take the sin out of being single.

    • Bethany May: (after answering Sharon's call) Texas Chili Council culinary hotline, this is Bethany May, how may I serve you?
      Sharon: Hello Bethany May, I have a chili conundrum, I need some advice.

      Bethany May: Hmm hmm
      Sharon: I have a 16 pound beef batch, half dark half chuck, fresh tomatoes, oregano, a hint of cumin, heavy on the onions.
      Bethany Mary: We going spicy?
      Sharon: Scotch bonnets, my first time.
      Bethany May: Stand back baby, what do you need to know?
      Sharon: Do I use the cedar or do I use the membrane?
      Bethany Mar: Membrane. Anything else?
      Sharon: Do I chop or do I mince?
      Bethany Mar: We have a motto, "if you want the heat to stay, puree"!
      Sharon: Well thank you Bethany May, you are so authoritative and wise!
      Bethany May: Any more advice?
      Sharon: Should I tell my husband I know he kissed another woman?
      Bethany May: Absolutely!
      Sharon: Really?
      Bethany Mar: Hmm hmm
      Sharon: But I'm scared.
      Bethany May: Why?
      Sharon: Because if I confront him it might open a door for him to leave me.
      Bethany May: Woman, you're cooking with one of the hottest chilies known to man, stop whining and yank that man's chain.
      Sharon: Thank you Texas Chili Council. Thank you

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