Season 1 Episode 8

Pride Comes Before a Fall

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2012 on ABC

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  • 1.08 ''Pride Comes Before a Fall''

    The ladies from Texas do some failure-ish community theatre in this one. And their behavior is as childish as ever with Amanda bringing some high school mean vibe in it as a director of this so called play. And Cricket's auditrion was hell of a funny one. Sharon was also amazing this week as she teamed up with Amanda's mom Gigi and had to take a stand in front of the cameras to sell her diet products 'Losin' it with Jesus' to help her family out. And she scored big time. And the mud-throwing scene was ridiculous. Other than those few funny scenes it was just OK-ish. I hope this show doesn't get stale. But there is also a very little chance it will get renewed for season 2. This episode was only able to pull 1.5 points of demo and very low 4.5 million viewers. Not good, not good at all. Might be a time for a little prayer. 7,5/10
  • Just about the best one!

    Ifthsi wasn't the best episode of GCB so far, it has to come pretty close. I was pretty much laughing non-stop with all the crazy antics seen throughout this episode by Carlene, Cricket, Amanda and just about everyone else!

    The little side-story with Gigi and Sharon wias nice, but the main thing was the theatre production! I have to agree with the previous reviewer! I hope there is more 'old Amanda' back! That was downright epic!

    This show is just too funny! Keep it up!
  • I think they need to bring "old Amanda" back more often. She was a hoot.

    In this episode, Amanda Vaughn finally gets to tell all the girls that hold so much against her for the way she treated them in high school, to just shut up and grow up because they are the ones that haven't moved on yet. Of course afterwards, she ends up feeling extremely bad and lets them all throw mud on her, reenacting the tradition that she started and did to them so long ago.

    I really liked this episode because I think they are all finally moving forward to becoming not mortal enemies. I doubt that Cricket and Carlene (most of all) with ever truly be friends with Amanda, but this progress makes me happy.

    I really like Pastor Tudor. I would say that he is one of my favorite characters on the show, along with Blake and Gigi. He is just so cute... I love that he cares so much about his church and his congregation. I think that there is a strong chance that he could have a little crush on Amanda <3

    I love that Sharon went to Gigi to get her camera ready, and for good reason. But she really just needed to be herself and she was awesome! Losin' It With Jesus is a catchy little name.

    All in all the episode was good. The show at the end was a success even though Carlene went through one of the church's huge stained glass windows... That was a little weird. But everyone was happy in the end and even though I don't think Amanda has quite wiped her slate clean, she is definitely on her way!