Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 06, 2012 on ABC

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  • SO FUNNY!!! I loved it!

    This episode was just brillianT! I had so many great laughs right throughout with some of the hilarious moments in the desert. And there were certainly no shortages of great moments!

    The storyline was absolutely hilarious and there were so many great developments, and a couple of unexpected occurences as well. What a random ending, though, lol!

    Oh well, I'm sad there will be no more GCB, but I certainly enjoyed it while it lasted!
  • 1.10 'Revelation'

    The first season finale of GCB brought some funny moments, one huge epic kindapping in Mexico and a hope for better future with it. I seriously hope the show will be picked up for season 2 - at least for a short season of 10-13 episodes.

    The ladies went to support Carlene and took a trip to Juarez. They were taken with all the great things, supplies and cremes they sell over there. But the most hilarious scenes were at the desert when they decided to find a way home on their own - in fact they were kind of kidnapped by Sandra Bernhard's funny character who was strictly against Carlene's ''Christian land'' project. Boy, these ladies sure have plenty of chemistry ... I laughed like crazy at Annie Potts' Gigi when she was lusting for some quality booze in a crisis.

    And surprise, surprise ... Luke might not be that bad after all + Ripp has an illegitimate dauighter!!! And it seems like Blake's secret homosexuality may leak out to the public any minute. This new guy is up to something. 9,5/10
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