Season 1 Episode 7

Sex Is Divine

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2012 on ABC

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  • 1.07 'Sex Is Divine'

    Another amazing episode and I just caught up with this great show. I love how colorful these characters are, at first they seemed cartoonish and stereotypical, but now I see the deep insides.

    The episode itself is all about sex. Sex is a God's gift - tells the preacher at the beginning and he is right. So these lovely catholic peeps are trying to get it on for the whole week. The reason what made this episode feel special to me is my favorite couple - Cricket and Blake, they finally did it ... and boy, it took them some time, but gay porn really helped!! I hope they do make that baby :) Carlene & Amanda have some nice moments too, they seem to be getting closer to each other and even help to get some sex prevention for their children who seem to be into themselves. And Amanda's mother Gigi got a marriage proposal from Carlene's recently widowed uncle Burl amazingly played by Bruce Boxleitner. Sharon and her husband were funny in this one too, he suddenly started to act like a woman! And the biggest shocker of all - Amanda only slept with one man in her life - her deceased husband. We really misjudged that gal, so she now gets to sleep with Luke :)

    I really hope this show gets a 2nd season. It would be a sin if it got canceled because of low ratings - yes, only 5.2 million viewers watched this episode. Let us pray. 8,5/10