Season 1 Episode 6

Turn the Other Cheek

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2012 on ABC

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  • 1.06 'Turn the Other Cheek'

    This was funny as hell. Sorry :D but these girls are certainly fun to watch! I just love Carlene, Cricket & Sharon, these three bitches are divine! In a saint way, LMAO. The trip to the woods was priceless ending up with Amanda shooting Carlene to her nice lil' butt. That was a great scene, of course Amanda was only hanging out with them 'cause she tried to get closer to Carlene and be friends with her, put all that terrible stuff from high shool to the past and leave it there for good. Blake told Cricket he wants another child and now it even seems she is ready to go with it and do everything right as a parent this time. Sharon spends the entire episode being passive agressive because she was supposed to be Carlene's maiden of honor this year (yes, Carlene & Ripp do renew their vows every year) but since Amanda's dating Carlene's little brother Luke things go the other way and she gets to do it all. Luke then reveals to her that he lost their marriage license at the wedding reception 18 years ago because he was stoned as hell and never seen it again. So, technically Carlene's marriage doesn't exist - Chenoweth's moment of truth was pure comedy brilliance. That sweet little thing is gonna get another Emmy nomination for this, I totally see it and she sure deserves it. This was the best episode yet. This show's really grown on me. I love it already and it keeps gettin' better. 9,0/10
  • Downright hilarious!

    I'm sorry but Kristin Chenoweth (aka Carlene) is just the most hilarious thing I have ever seen! She is ridiculously hilarious! I particularly loved the line 'Does this gun make me look fat?' for some reason! Just so hilarious!

    I just love this show so much! It is so hilarious and gives me so many more laughs than many other shows in the comedy genre. It is just brilliant!