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  • Season 6
    • 8/6/12
      Stacey rolls in a 1990 Mustang cop car and shows how easy it is to pull out an automatic tranny, and stuff in a Tremec 6spd so you can shift the gears properly. Only on SPEED.
    • 7/30/12
      Stacey rolls Heavy Metal back into the shop and begins to lay out some of the incredible modifications that he is going to be doing on this old junk yard ’69 International Cabover truck. Only on SPEED.
    • Stacey adds some key tools and equipment to a new truck; installing leather interiors from a kit; packing twin turbos on an LS7 small block engine. Only on SPEED.
    • Lifting a Caddy
      Episode 10
      Stacey adds 3 1/2" to country artist Jason Sturgeon's Escalade; Predator, one of the most successful Monster Trucks of all time. Only on SPEED.
    • 7/9/12
      Stacey shows how much fun a wagon can be when it has an LS engine under the hood, and two four-barrel carburetors sitting on it. Only on SPEED.
    • 0.0
      Stacey transforms a stock Chevy dually pickup into a state-of-the-art Brush truck for a local volunteer fire department. Only on SPEED.
    • Engine Rebuild
      Episode 7
      Stacey and an engine rebuilder show it is possible to breathe new life into an old engine without spending a fortune; final assemby for Ted Nugent’s old zebra B. Only on SPEED.
    • Stacey boosts both performance and fuel economy on a 6-cylinder Ford F150; rejuvenating a classic Mustang’s black paint job. Only on SPEED.
    • 0.0
      Stacey builds an LS7 engine utilizing a new GM plan. Only on SPEED.
    • 0.0
      Stacey builds a supercar from a kit, one that will rival the best European exotics. Only on SPEED.
    • Stacey discusses a kit car that can run with the Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Only on SPEED.
    • 3/10/12
      Today on GEARZ, Stacey brings back the Drag’N’Wagon to see if he can get the beast to breathe some fire! The first thing he puts on is an ATI supercharger system to get some air sucking in. Then he adds some hotter coils to help light the flame…and finally he slaps on a bigger exhaust system to help blow the air out. If you are wondering how to make a street beast out of an entry level truck, this show spells it out. Then it’s on to the world of slot cars, as Stacey explores the past, present, and future of the little motorized miniatures that helped shape the gearhead world as we know it. Only on SPEED.moreless
    • Preventing Theft
      Episode 1
      Stacey rolls back Ted Nugents big 80's Bronco fresh out of the paint shop. In keeping with the natural theme, the Zebra is back with modern, earth tone stripes on its flanks in an environmentally friendly water-based paint. After that, Stacey shows how to bring interior panels back to life using some simple household items and spray paint. Then he digs into ways to keep your vehicle from being ripped off, by showing some simple techniques and products that will keep your car in your driveway. Only on SPEED.moreless
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