Gem Hunt

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Gem Hunt

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Follow gem dealer Ron LeBlanc, geologist Bernie Gaboury and jewelry specialist Diane Robinson as they circle the globe in hopes of finding priceless gemstones that they can then sell at a profit. When cut right, a stone purchased for $4,000 can be resold for $50,000.

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AIRED ON 11/19/2013

Season 1 : Episode 7

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  • If you have any interest in jewels or geology this is for you

    A team of three gem hunters travel the world looking for the best deal on precious gems. They are personable and often use humor to negotiate the best deals on stones. They always try to get to the local mines to see the gems coming out of the ground and try to deal with people as close to the source as possible. One of the team is a geologist and he does a little educating about how and why the kinds of stones turn up where they do. They always score the top of the line material and it's beautiful to see. Great fun, some learning and entertaining, too.moreless
  • great show

    love loveeee the show
  • Smart, Funny and Entertaining

    Gem Hunt (Travel Channel)

    The destinations are exotic and the gem hunters are interesting characters. The gem deals are intense and the stones themselves are stunning. I also like the fact that I learn something new on every episodes - these people are intelligent, well spoken and experts in their fields, which is refreshing to see on reality TV. For example I discovered that sapphires and rubies are the exact same type of stone, it is just their colour which makes them different classifications of stones.

    Not only do you get the chance to see great gemstones and stone deals but you also get an inside look into mines and how stones are mined (not to mention the actual miners who work in these

    Great show!!

  • Gem Hunters - I don't think so. You give us a bad name

    Firstly, you should get your min. Then you . Go to Idar Oberstein Lapidrists once a summer. Do you Glenn Lehrer? Torus Ring. Find him on the internet.

    You should be watching Gemporia or RocksTv out of Great Britain if you have any free time ( which I believe you would have tons of if you stopped talking so much. And wasn't so busy getting ripped off of gems you know nothing about.

    How about dealing with Steve Bennet . and family He is the nicest guy in the world.

    If your clientele are fat cats, everyone knows that Csarite "the Turkish miracle" 100, 000 times more rare than a diamond. It is a color change gem, changing into 4 different colors and it is the new favorite gem of the stars. Steve made one for Queen Elizabeth and she asked for a second. Steve flies in with several planes, filed with money, tractors, batteries, etc. I recently bought some great minds when he started having trouble with middle men.

    I really hope your are aware of the embargo from Ethiopia. And Ana hi Ametrine can not be sold any more.

    Wow I don't send reviews, but I have seen anyone get more ripped off than you travelling minstrels.

    Try looking into this new think called the internet. JFK


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