Gemini Man

Season 1 Episode 0

Code Name: Minus One

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 10, 1976 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Sam and Abbey are racing to Royce Industries, Sam on his motorcycle and Abbey in her jeep. Sam gets pulled over by a cop and spends several minutes playing invisible hide-and-seek with him, while Abbey drives by. Yet somehow, when Abbey gets to Royce Industries, Sam is already there. She's surprised to see him, but he would have had to pass her to get there.

    • The "stabilizer" watch Sam is given is actually a Heuer Chronosplit model introduced in 1975, with brand and model names removed. The Chronosplit was one of the earliest digital watches with an liquid crystal display but also kept an LED display. The LED was used for stopwatch functions, necessary because the early LCDs had slow response times. The "gold contacts" that Sam had to keep against his skin were actually the covers for the two batteries the watch needed.

  • Quotes

    • Sam: I need somebody with a PhD in physics. My zipper's stuck.

    • Abbey: Seven minutes, and not a tick longer.
      Sam: Abbey, I didn't know you cared.
      Abbey: Of course I care. You owe me twenty bucks from Sunday's ballgame.

    • Sam: Okay, I think I understand. I'm dead. I'm not crazy. I got no head, no arms, no body. But I'm here. That's great.

    • Sam: Abbey: Your DNA helix is out of whack.
      Sam: Don't you ever mess with my DNA helix.
      Abbey: You don't even know what it is.
      Sam: Yeah, well, just, uh, keep your hands to yourself.

    • Sam: You know, feet are really great things. People just don't appreciate their toes.

    • Sam: Oh, if I drop dead, your watch stops.
      Abbey: No. It goes "bleep."
      Sam: It goes "bleep"?
      Abbey: Yeah.

    • Leonard: Well, I've got better things to do then sit here and listen to him beep.

  • Notes

    • The music in the pilot episode was written by Billy Goldenberg rather than regular series composer Lee Holdridge. It featured completely different, more upbeat music for the opening and end titles.

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