Gemini Man

NBC (ended 1976)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Code Name: Minus One

      A government undersea salvage operation is blown up, trapping an agent in the explosion. An unknown chemical reaction has given the agent the ability to render himself invisible and he attempts to use this capability to discover who was responsible for the sabotage.

    • Smithereens
      Episode 1

      Sam is assigned to drive a truck transporting a secret fuel booster that can triple fuel economy in cars, along with the man who developed it. Not only is the additive dangerously unstable and explosive, the scientist has sold out to the oil industry and is now trying to eliminate Sam and all evidence of the chemical.

    • Minotaur
      Episode 2

      Carl Victor is an INTERSECT scientist who illegally uses government funds to create a doomsday robot. When it's discovered, Victor is dismissed from his job but manages to get away with the robot, intending to use its destructive power to blackmail the government.

    • Sam Casey, Sam Casey

      INTERSECT has been infiltrated with a spy who has undergone plastic surgery to look just like Sam, while the spy's superiors try to eliminate Sam. He escapes death and goes in posing as his imposter to recover the information that they've stolen.

    • Night Train To Dallas

      A scientist working on a top-secret project suddenly dies and in order that what he was working on gets finished, Agent Sam Casey must find the dead man's former secretary, now in competition as an Olympic diver, not only to recover the dead man's documents, but for her own protection.

    • Run, Sam, Run
      Run, Sam, Run
      Episode 5

      Casey becomes a fugitive after an INTERSECT agent is murdered and video reveals that Sam is the killer. Suffering from amnesia, he seeks help from a deaf Salvation Army worker while trying to clear his name.

    • Targets
      Episode 6

      A nerve gas scientist who once defected wants to defect back from Estonia, but only if INTERSECT can get her and her teenage daughter back to the West.

    • Buffalo Bill Rides Again
      A renegade genius masquerading as a stock car team owner is sneaking a rare, highly explosive metal into the country inside the frame of a race car. Going undercover on the team, Sam finds his trucker friend Buffalo Bill is being set up as the patsy in the scheme.
    • Escape Hatch
      Escape Hatch
      Episode 8
      A crew turns mutinous and takes captive a shipping magnate as their hostage.
    • Eight-Nine-Ten You're Dead

      Top boxer Arch Kingston left the business following the death of his brother in the ring. But he decides to come back one last time for promoter Harry Trent, only he doesn't trust Trent and asks Sam to use his ability in the ring to keep things honest.

    • Return Of The Lion
      Return Of The Lion
      Episode 10
      Jamada is the deposed leader of an African country embroiled in chaos and bloodshed, and asks Sam to help him get back into his country to stop the carnage.
    • Suspect Your Local Police

      A Litvanian political activist is about to be assassinated by an agent posing as a local police officer and Sam must attempt to stop the killing.