Gene Simmons Family Jewels

A&E (ended 2012)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 8/7/06
      Nick starts his own band and Gene tries to take over. He becomes the manager and is overly critical of everything from clothes to the bands name. He even books a gig too soon for the band. Shannon takes young Sophie to a fashion week in Los Angeles.
    • 8/7/06
      Gene Simmons asked in long time girlfriend's sisters to plan a surprise birthday party for her, while he is in Vegas to attend the opening of a new Hotel.
    • Driving Me Crazy
      Episode 3
      Gene Simmons makes his daughter take self defense classes because she has started dating. Gene's son Nick is getting his driver license, which Gene didn't get until he was 35, and the two square off in a driving test challenge. The loser will be humiliated in public.
    • The Demon Lives
      Episode 4
      When Gene doesn't get recognized at the tv studio by a security guard, he is let down. But then he learns that KISS is going to be honored on a TV special in Las Vegas, and his spirits are raised. Shannon wants another kid and won't let Gene attend the special until he helps make that happen.moreless
    • Food Or Sex?
      Episode 5
      Shannon and Gene go to a weight-loss spa. Gene is very unhappy to learn that not only is it a weight loss spa, but that he also is in separate rooms from Shannon and that his food is being rationed. Nick and Sophie are left in control of their Aunt Tracy and things get out of hand quickly.moreless
    • Sexercise!
      Episode 6
      Its career day at school, and Sophie decided to follow Gene around for the day. Shannon is furious to learn that Gene took 13 year old Sophie to the filming of a sexy exercise video.
    • 9/11/06
      Gene Simmons takes the family to New York to visit his mom while he attends a business meeting about a car wash. While they are reminiscing he forgets an important event in Shannon and his life.
    • Loose Change
      Episode 8
      Gene Simmons invests his money into a cattle ranch and ends up losing thousands of dollars because of it.
    • Fan...tastic
      Episode 9
      Gene Simmons agrees to a day with his biggest fan, which Playboy Radio sets out to find. Shannon thinks Gene looks corny when he gets all dressed up for his hot date. While Gene is on his date, the family gets rid of his clothes.
    • Horsin' Around
      Episode 10
      Gene breaks a date with his daughter to go to Indy and promote his "I Am Indy" campaign. To make up for the slight, Shannon buys Sophie a horse - which they keep at the house.
    • Gene's Addiction
      Episode 11
      The family sees that Gene is overworked and needs to get away. So they force Gene to go on an impromptu vacation.
    • Shrinkwrapped
      Episode 12
      Shannon and the kids attempt to sell all of Gene's KISS memoriablia from his office. Shannon wins a session with a psychotherapist, but Gene refuses to go.
    • Behind The Makeup
      Episode 13
      Season finale. Shannon has some surprising news for Gene. Shannon also tries to talk Gene into getting a face lift, but he doesn't like the idea. She gives him an idea about starting a tv show about new moms. Could Shannon be pregnant again?
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