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  • A real family?

    Yes. I enjoyed watching this to see how the other half lives.
  • This crap show is no longer worth my time

    Being a fan of Kiss, I began watching this from the beginning. The relationship BS got so boring last season, the show almost lost me. I just fast forwarded through the two alleged episodes that I taped on June 11th and I am removing the show from my list of shows that I tape. It has become a total waste of time and I cannot imagine what audience could possibly be attracted to watching a very fast aging Simmons with his spoiled brat children. Total swill! :(
  • Was good until season 6

    When it turned into a bs about marriage. Wheres the sexy women, parties and fun activites
  • i have no clue who kiss is but this show is very cool

    i got into this show by myslef. i was fliping through channels and i saw nick and his sister on the couch confession. they were both being very funny so i decided "ok i will see who theses two kids are and who there parents are". i have no clue who gene simmons is but appernetly he is a BIG rock star back in the 70's. and his girl friend was a playboy model. at first i was not sure if i would like that but i got to know the show and i like it because there kid are not spoiled and at times the show is safe.... kind of.
  • Actually really good

    When I first heard about this show, I avoided it for no reason beyond that I assumed it would suck due to the reputation of many reality tv shows (the osbournes anyone?) Just recently, I caught an episode of it with my dad, boy I realized I was dead wrong. First of all, I like that it's Gene Simmons, one of the best rockstars from his era (KISS) and not a now sadly washed up singer like Ozzy. Anything is that his family are not bratty or attention hungry as the osbournes, they just seem normal and indifferent to the show. I would reccomend this if your fan of KISS or reality tv, and even nonfans may enjoy it. Worth watching. 9/10 A-
  • Substance - 10/10 DVDs Overall - 7/10 Read the review for more info.

    OK, so I got the Season 3 set today and quickly realized something was terribly wrong. They left out the roast!!! If you didn't record it and keep a copy when it first aired (I did), you're outta luck! A rip off to fans is what this is.

    Now, with that being said, although it will be hard to forget or forgive, let's get to the meat of it shall we?

    There's no denying that this season has provided the most memorable moments in the show thus far. For example: the lie detector test, the Vegas gig, getting busted on prostitution charges...the list goes on. Agreed? Good. The show continues to deliver substance. It hasn't gotten stale or boring from repetition. It's been every bit as entertaining, if not more so, than the 2 previous seasons. Unlike A&E's flop "The Two Corey's", you still can't get enough Family Jewels. Why? Because there's actually something worth seeing that we all find intriguing and highly entertaining. 'nuff said.

    I sincerely hope the show carries on for a fourth season and beyond. By the way, you do NOT have to be a KISS fan to enjoy this show...seriously.

    And that my friends is my 3 cents.
  • Gene Simmons Family Jewels- a pleasant surprise...

    I must say, after only catching 10minutes of the Ozzborns, and flipping the channel in disgust, I was leary of checking out Family Jewels. But one night, when nothing else caught my eye, I figured I'd give it a shot....

    Well... low and behold, I realized the show was a true gem....

    I thank Gene, Shannon, Nick and Sophie for bringing respect to the lifestyle of big time rock stars and for giving us a glimpse of their amazing family.

    Gene- an egotist, who's filled with self importance, knows the score. He has a knack for business and, despite his constant chest puffing, he is a fine mate and dedicated father. *favorite scene* Gene dragging the family outside to show off the airplane pulling the banner announcing Nicks band.

    Shannon- a woman who knows her man well and how to keep him grounded. She has raised her children well and keeps a classy eye on their progress *favorite scene* Shannon bringing Sophie to a fashion show and gracfully chases away two men hitting on her 14 year old daughter.

    Nick- a charming, fun loving handful. Gotta love a kid who respects his mother and can drive his father up the wall. *favorite scene* the clip of Nick, with a straight face, asking Gene what he thought of Nick becomming a hot dog vendor.....ROFLAO....classic!

    Sophie- although quiet most times, is able to get a dig in with her daddy. A beauty and a classy girl who could make it big one day.*favorite scene* Sophie entering the kitchen all dressed up, and causing Gene to realize his little girl is growing up.
  • I love this show!

    I don't get to watch it regularly because our country's whacked; but whenever I get to watch this show, I enjoy every bit of it. It doesn't hurt that Nick's flaming hot. The last episode I've watched was when Gene invested in a cattle ranch or something. I LOVED IT. Lol, the part when he discovered that he could make 20 grand by bull semen, and Nick's reaction. It was priceless. And the fact that they're "happily unmarried", makes the show even better. I don't know if it's the reason why they're still together, but I love Gene and Shannon. They're perfect for each other even though they're not married. Nick and Sophie's gorgeous as well!
  • gene simmons is the best.shannon and her sister tracy are totally insane when they are together.I believe in genes philosophy on marriage,I had always thought that way,but never knew he did.His family is well functional one. his two kids seem real normal.

    I would recommend this show because its funny family oriented and shows a diffrent side of a rock stars life.Gene really cares for his mom and they show how much he is really committed to shannon.shannon herself is not what you think she would be being a former playmate .her sister tracy is real nutty but in a good way.that leaves nick and sophie they seem like two great kids.nick is very tall in college now.sophie is fifteen and looks alot older then she is,so overall i say this show I would highly recommend if you what a good laugh and a rockstar.
  • This a show for rock fans, Kiss fans,Gene Simmons fans and anyone who likes a rock stars life! This show makes my day. I am a Kiss fan a little and a big rock fan. this show should go on untill Gene dies!

    This is a great show I look forward to watching any time it comes on! Gene and the family makes the show. He is a great man and a bissness man at that! I wish that his son, Nick, could follow his foot steps into the rock and roll life! I think his daugther, Sophie, should make a Kiss and Gene Simmons clothing line and man spray. I hope this show countines untill Gene dies, not anytime soon! I love how the family makes fun of Gene on everything he does. I just have one last thing to say live easy rock hard!!!!
  • I love this show, it's really great and funny. You don't have to be a huge Gene Simmons fan to watch it either.

    You really don't have to be his fan to love it. I never have listened to KISS but I fell in love with the show and Gene Simmons. I gave it a 9.6 because of the rumours that the show may be scripted. That would take alot away from the show for me, because one of the many reasons I love it is because it's got alot of dry humour. So, if it is scripted, then it's not unintentional, therefore the people you watch aren't what you think they are. Isn't that what reality tv is anyway, your supposed to see the people that your watching. But other than that the show is great.
  • Insights into some of the daily life of super star Gene Simmons and his family. Sometimes sad, often funny, but all the time interesting, I hope the seasons continue at least long enough to see grandkids and maybe even great-grandkids added to the clan.

    Started watching this mid-last season and was pleasantly surprised. Expected to see another 'gee-look at me-I'm a superstar' type series. Not so. It is amazing how down-to-earth this family is. It surprised me how business-minded Gene is (sometimes, to his family's dismay...). He is one shrewd dude! The kids seem very adjusted and Shannon is a real gem. Take away the stardom and mega-bucks, and they could be 'the family next door' in any American city. They truly care about each other, and it shows both in actions and words. This family truly shines as an example of what a family should be, not only in Hollywood, but the rest of the world.
  • Gotta say I like it alot more than I thought I would.

    I have no idea what's so different about this show. I just like it and that's that. I think it's because Gene Simmons is SOOO different when he's with his family, and they're all so NORMAL for filthy rich people. I envy them all. And what's with the aunt? She scares me. A bit. And then there's Nick. He should be a comedian, what he does is funny beyond words. I like the episodes when he has concerts. I wait for people to screw up XD. It's not an outstanding TV show, but that's from someone who doesn't watch reality TV so I say cheers. =)
  • I love it!

    I was never really a big Gene Simmons fan until this show. Actually I never knew who he was until I saw this show, and I love him now! I mean he is so funny, and so is his family, Nick and Sophie and Shannon. I mean my mom got me hooked on the show, and we don't watch the Ozzys and when I first heard about it that's what I thought it would be like but when I sat down and watched it I fell in love with it! It's really great. Now I don't miss an episode. . .
  • ozzy spinoff...yes bad

    who would ever know that a blood spitting fire breathing demon from the deepest pits of the underworld had another side. you'd think that he'd be daring with nothing that frightened him. which makes it diffrent from the osbournes. we all know that ozzy is this mumbling drug attic who cusses frequently ( no disrespect to ozzy) but gene's personality we thougt was just pure evil. really he's like a normal guy. ( with a playboy model happily married with... happily unmarried) anyways to make a long story short its a good show and a must see if yuo liked the osbournes youll like this show
  • I really enjoyed this show in the beginning... now I am not so sure...

    I wish I could write a great review about this show, but I just can't do it. I have mixed emotions about this. I mean I love everything about the Simmon's -Tweed family. The dynamics of the family are great... They appear so normal and down-to-earth for multimillionaire's. You can tell Gene and Shannon think the world of each other and their children and I think that ROCKS.... However my biggest issue is that this show is that it is billed as a reality show, but more and more it seems staged and it gets me wondering how much is really reality? Okay sure all reality shows have staging issues, but this is really out there... for example, the episode with Rich's nephew being a virgin- come on, maybe he was, but ending up at a sex therapists and then turning it all around on Gene... the nephew just wasn't that good of an actor... Another episode was when the family went camping in the RV and ended up with a huge snake inside.... I've camped all my life and have never ended up with a snake inside my tent/camper... seems hard to do... the trip to Britian with the young kid doing all the publicity, really wouldn't they have questioned that sooner?

    It seems ironic that the whole reason why I like the Simmon's-Tweed family (they seem normal- almost boring) must be the same reason they feel the need to "spice up" some of the episodes...
  • Not many people like these type of shows but this one caught my eye.

    I watched this show for 3 hours straight at first i wasn't expecting much just some dumb family and them swearing at each other like the Osbourne's show... but i was dead wrong. Genes family is the best for TV. I also love the catchy intro: and that why its good to be.... me (random things next to gene).

    When the parents got plastic surgery it was funny when the daughter was like. "hmmm maybe we should blend the meat". and the son was like "OMG yhats a good idea!" and gene was like "no fing way" haha!

    Best episode ever was when genes son when to collage. and the daughter bought stuff to pimp out his new room. but when he got back he was like this isn't mine? U con artist! daughter *snicker* get out of my room! *laughs* to awesome!
  • Big, scary demon! Also smart, funny and good with kids! Film at eleven.

    If you know about Gene Simmons through his years onstage with the band Kiss, you only know some of the picture. He's not just a showman who spits fake blood. (I hope it's fake, that is.) He's also bright, witty and very involved with his kids. Watch Gene and company go all over the place as part of his myriad business projects, hang out at home, eat, and generally, well, be people. Gene works, travels and makes time for the fans. He and Sharon Tweed have never had a wedding, and she kids him about it sometimes, but they are very close. That's not bad at all. A show that puts a smile on your face, every time.
  • Basically the Osbournes with Mr. Tongue from KISS.

    Yet another reality show featuring a washed up celebrity trying to milk the last bit of fame from their dying careers. I know TV executives produce this kind of mindless crap because its ultra cheap to produce but seriously - where is this going to end? FOX is producing a 3 part series to find the next Elvira - a real American icon. LOL! Geesh. Now if someone kicked Gene in the "family jewels" I might watch that. Sort of like in that episode of "Beavis and Butthead" where the gym teacher told told Beavis to kick him in the "jewels" repeatedly while saying "Yeeeeeeeeeeesssssss!!! --- do it again!!"

    I was left shaking me head when I saw this show got a Season 2. A&E has taken the low road with this show - they are becoming no different from MTV, VH-1 and E!.
  • Have to watch!!

    This show is OK. I love it. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • It's NOT another failed attempt at a clever "star" reality show (Gotti, Osbournes, Simple Life, etc)

    I have a general dislike of real-life-turned-mini-series shows like the one's mentioned in my summary. I tune into these types of shows like a guilty voyeur and feel even MORE quilty after watching such debacles, UNTIL I saw the Gene Simmons Family Show. It might be true that some of it is scripted, or whatever some of the bad reviews say, but they certainly pull it off better than other reality shows! Every show has to be scripted to a degree or we would all be watching useless nonsense. I feel like they take the topics and then do their best to improvise or put thier own spin on it. You can tell by facial reactions by all four of them as to what they think is a load of BS, or if they are really into the topic at hand. It doesn't get more "real" then what Gene and Shannon went through with the facelifts.

    If anything, I sometimes feel bad for "outsiders" of the family because of the sarcastic reactions they get from the family (good example is Nick-he doesn't hold back the "could this be more retarded" facial expressions about others like at the roller skate birthday party, or at the poker game during college freshman weekend).

    I started watching this show mid-season, and was quite happy to find reruns available with my "OnDemand" service because I really liked it right from the start. I can see that this show might have started off as one of Mr. Simmon's One Billion Ways to market himself-LOL, but he's a decent business man (obviously), and this turned into a little pile of gold for them. I totally enjoy this guilty glimpse into thier lives-they are an interesting family! If you would take away the reason most of us started watching (our LOVE of KISS), they would still be an intersting family to watch. I can't say that about ANY of the other "Star Family" reality shows. Good job!
  • Gene and the family head to GB for Nick's 18th.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that this show is becoming less and less a "reality" one and more of an actual sitcom, except that it's attempt at such isn't funny? Did it not seem that the whole 'record exec' BS was just that? Where is this show going? The kid was obviously a failed attempt of an actor, and isn't always ironically funny that someone in Gene's family always (wink, wink) seems to ask the 'right' question at the right time to take that particular show where it's ultimately going? Case and point: When both Nick and Sophie ask Gene what the British guy's job "really is" with the record company and of course it turns out that he's a mail flunkie. C'mon. The whole thing was far too staged and far too unfunny to even attempt. Again, is this a peek into Gene's life with his family or a glimpse of Gene's sub-par version of comedy? C'mon Gene, let's call a spade a spade. If you're going to get into writing comedy and NOT just acting out your lives on camera, give us a little bit of a heads up before doing so. Like you said to the "record chump", you didn't give us a chance to say "no", you just assumed that we'd be entertained b/c it came from you. Wrong. It was neither a choice nor funny. Unfortunately for all of us.
  • Gene Simmons from Kiss and his family on a reality TV series. I never thought I'd see the day.

    As a long time fan of Gene Simmons and Kiss, I was unsure about this show previous to it coming on the air. These reality series’ were good at first when ‘The Osbournes’ ruled the airwaves a few years back, but since they have grown stale. The rock star and family shows have been overdone and I can hardly stand them anymore, but this one is different. Gene is a very interesting man and there is more to him than you might think. And he has a very fascinating family on top of that. I started watching this show when there was a marathon on and was completely hooked. For a reality series, this is one of the better ones I have seen. I’ll say that it is probably the best reality show of this style to hit TV since Nick and Jessica were Newlyweds. No, this show is not a amazing display of television making, but it is a fun and addictive guilty pleasure that the whole family will enjoy. So as a Kiss fan, I was surprised at how good this show is. For any fans of Gene or fans of reality TV this is a must-see. It’ll keep you entertained, that is for sure.
  • A day in the life of Gene Simmons and his family.

    Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be related to a member of KISS one of the biggest rock bands? To have Gene Simmons as your father? Well i haven't ever wondered any of those but i still enjoy watching the show. Seeing a different side of Gene Simmons istead of his rockstar image. I really like seeing Gene interacting with his kids and seeing his girlfriend bugging him to get married evan though he does not want to. It is kinda of wierd seeing Gene Simmons as a family man instead of on stage with KISS.
  • I wouldn't have guess it, but I actually liked the show and the family!!!

    I've never been a fan of Kiss. To be honest, I probably know more about Shannon Tweed than whoever Kiss is, which I kept getting confuse with other "Dark Demon" bands because its not my style of music, but this show demonstrates that you just never really know what goes on behind the scenes in people's family especially in the entertainment industry. I've seen the Osbourne's and I must say that the Gene Simmons show is my favorite out of the two. His kids seem so normal to me and Nick is very cute and I love Sophie's attitude and just how she is. It's a fairly normal family as far as the eye can see. They probably do things that I would never do or say since I come from a conservative background, but regardless I love watching the Simmons' family. Everybody should tune in @ least one time.
  • its a show i can watch with my mom is 61 and i turned her onto it. she watches it faithfully as do we here at my house. \\\"i cant beieve thats really gene simmons\\\" she says..\\\"hes got class\\\"!

    i was really shocked yet so pleased ,his kids are really respectful,and he is a really good dad!!!!! his mate seems to be also a terrific mom, they shelter their kids from really nasty things but at the same time they let them know what turns the world and what ruins it. i love that show.
  • funny and random, what could be better??

    i just watched the show for the 1st time this morning and i liked it automatically. it's very funny and entertaining; definetely a lot more fun than Hulk Hogan's (sorry Hulk). The couple seems very happy together, and the fact that they aren't married sure is quite inspiring. Gene is, by far, the funniest of the family, who would've known that this guy was such a caring father (at least he's not as overprotective as Hulk (again, sorry Hulk)). His kids sure know how to have fun: they had a whipped cream fight! And let's not forget the fact that Gene doesn't know how to drive! lol
  • A television season in the life of a Rock God and his family, Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. The newest in a series of celebrity reality 'family' show, this show has you saying, 'the Osbornes who?'

    I was pleasantly surprised as I watched this show with a bit of apprehension. Actually, when I saw the previews I thought, 'hmm, this may be interesting.' However, with the excessive promoting of the show I had almost that it was coming on. I lucked out when, while I was channel surfing, I stumbled upon the first episode of the show. After that, I was wanting more (luckily there was another episode). So I may be in my twenties, but I must say, Nick is not only intelligent but also HOT, Sophie is beautiful and well-behaved, and Gene and Shannon are the picture of a perfect couple who just happened to be together for over 20 years, have a family, share a life, and aren't married. While I don't advocate that kind of 'living' it's just nice to see that happiness and 'what's right for you even' if it's not socially acceptable. So they're celebrities, but what you see is a portrayal of 'normal celebrity' reality.
  • I \"LOVE\" this show.

    This show is just too funny. Gene and his family have a great sense of humor. My husband and I usually do not watch the same tv shows but we sat and watched this together and laughed our rear ends off. I know Ozzy got slammed for doing a reality show by some hard core rock fans. They claimed that Ozzy was selling out and was destroying his rock god image and I know these same people will say the same about Gene.

    I have to ask these people, do they really think what they see on stage/videos is what happens when these guys are at home with their families???? Seeing someone who I admire because of the musical talent showing love for their family, just makes me admire them even more.
  • Another Osbournes clone

    Gene Simmons makes his latest venture into the reality genre and this time he's brought his family along with him. There's galpal Shannon Tweed to whom he's been happily unmarried for over 20 years plus their two children, Nicholas and Sophia. Not to mention Shannon's buck-toothed sister. Who knows what she does except act stupid. That's the starting lineup and it's not one that's going to challenge the Steelers for a Super Bowl title anytime soon. Family Jewels isn't breathtakingly bad along the likes of Gastineau Girls and Growing Up Gotti, it's just a borefest for the most part. Except for the bimbo sister-in-law the Simmons/Tweed family seems pretty normal. Say what you want about the individual careers of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed but at least they aren't brain fried druggies like a lot of celebs at this point in their lives. The kids seem remarkably well-adjusted too all things considered. Perhaps that's the main problem with Family Jewels. You've got to have some maladjustment for a reality series to work. Family Jewels doesn't and it's nothing but a borefest.
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