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  • Not bad for Reality TV

    When I first heard about this show my first thought was "what another The Osbournes". However this show is actually better than the Osbournes in that the lead is actually coherent. I saw a few episodes of the Osbournes and always thought Ozzy came across as a combo between Lurch from Tha Addams Family and Mushmouth from Fat Albert. Here KISS frontman Gene Simmons is easily understood and comes across as witty and possessing enough savvy that viewers can easily see how KISS easily became a juggernaught band. I watched the first two episodes. In the first Gene tries to plan a surprise party for long time girlfriend Shannon Tweed only to have her find out and turn it around into a surprise wedding complete with the rabbi(there probably wasn't a lot of Shalom in their home after Shannon pulled that). The second episode centered on Gene's efforts to help his son get his band going. As I've said before I don't like reality shows because I do believe that after a long hard day of dealing with life I don't believe that people want to deal with more reality as they try to wind down from their day. The only exceptions to this genre that I make are AMW COPS and Dog the Bounty Hunter. I don't even consider AMW as Reality TV but more a public service and national duty. However getting back on track as I said people don't want to have reality smack them in the face after a long work day. Don't believe me look how many reality shows focus on celebrities. Just about every infamous or scandal-ridden celebrity has gotten a show. Even those who have reality shows who aren't entertainers normally have something that makes them stand out them that makes people curious to check out their shows. Among that list are course Dog but also Victoria Gotti, Carey Hart, and Josh 'Chop' Towbin. However this particular show appeals to me in that I like rock and have grown up with KISS, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed. This show does showcase these people as people and does an excellent job of shattering their public personas. 80's Playboy Playmate Shannon actually comes across as down to earth and Gene is actually kitche. Among the highlights of the first two episodes are Gene doing housework and weraing footie pajamas that a 3-year-old would wear to bed in the first episode and form the second episode Gene doing an impression of the Count from Sesame Street and the one clip worth tuning into this show for: hearing KISS lead singer Gene Simmons telling his son to keep the music down or he won't feed him. The reaction of KISS fans who saw this must have been quite a sight to behold.
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