Gene Simmons Family Jewels

A&E (ended 2012)





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  • Another Osbournes clone

    Gene Simmons makes his latest venture into the reality genre and this time he's brought his family along with him. There's galpal Shannon Tweed to whom he's been happily unmarried for over 20 years plus their two children, Nicholas and Sophia. Not to mention Shannon's buck-toothed sister. Who knows what she does except act stupid. That's the starting lineup and it's not one that's going to challenge the Steelers for a Super Bowl title anytime soon. Family Jewels isn't breathtakingly bad along the likes of Gastineau Girls and Growing Up Gotti, it's just a borefest for the most part. Except for the bimbo sister-in-law the Simmons/Tweed family seems pretty normal. Say what you want about the individual careers of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed but at least they aren't brain fried druggies like a lot of celebs at this point in their lives. The kids seem remarkably well-adjusted too all things considered. Perhaps that's the main problem with Family Jewels. You've got to have some maladjustment for a reality series to work. Family Jewels doesn't and it's nothing but a borefest.